Does 711 Do Propane Exchanges? (All You Need To Know)

We use propane for all sorts of things. However, if you’re using it a lot, it can get quite expensive. Therefore, you may be wondering where the best place is to get it.

Many convenience stores and gas stations offer propane exchange, so it would only make sense for 711 to offer it as well. To find out if they do, though, keep reading!

Does 711 Do Propane Exchanges In 2024?

Most 711 stores do offer propane exchanges in 2024. Usually, it partner’s with a third-party that handles the actual exchanges and the store just provides a place to do this. However, 711 will not refill tanks directly, instead you’ll just exchange your tank for a new one. 

For more information on propane exchanges and costs, take a look below!

What is A Propane Exchange?

When you see gas stations and convenience stores like 711 participating in propane exchanges, it is usually partnered with AmeriGas.

Often, this company actually runs the propane tank exchange, while the store is simply providing them with a location to do so.

Generally, this requires you to bring an empty propane cylinder to one of its partner locations. Then, 711’s partner will top it off safely and quickly.

Alternatively, many local gas stations and convenience stores also allow you to exchange your propane tank for a new one.

Furthermore, this method is more common when they do not have propane available at the store (and therefore, no way to fill up empty tanks).

You can check what locations participate in the AmeriGas propane exchange program using its location finding tool.

How Much Does It Cost to Exchange a Tank of Propane at 711?

Different 711 stores are independently run, so the price will vary from location to location.

As you might imagine, stores need to stay competitive within its locality, so exchanges will not cost the same from area to area.

However, the average cost of exchanging a tank is around $5 to $6 per gallon. Filling up an empty tank is usually a little bit cheaper at around $3 to $4 per gallon.

Based on these numbers, you’ll save about $1.76 per gallon when you refill your tank instead of exchanging it for a new one.

However, most 711 stores only offer exchange programs. Therefore, you’re going to be paying a bit more on the expensive side.

We highly recommend calling ahead to find out exact prices and what sort of program your local store offers.

Where’s the Cheapest Place to do a Propane Exchange?

Where’s the Cheapest Place to do a Propane Exchange? 711

It is difficult to point out the single cheapest way to get propane that is true for everywhere.

Prices vary widely from place to place, so the cheapest place for you is likely different from the cheapest place for someone else.

With that said, it is typically always cheaper to get your current tank refilled than it is to exchange it.

After all, you aren’t losing any of the propane that you’ve already paid for, and you get to keep the same tank.

However, finding a place near you that does this can be challenging. You will often need to call around a bit, since it is not always advertised.

How Much Does It Cost to Fill a 20lb Propane Tank?

As you’d expect, the price can vary a bit from store to store. It will depend on location, since gas costs differ depending on where you live (and how much transport is needed).

However, you can expect it to cost around $15 to $20 to refill a propane tank.

Of course, this is refilling a tank. It costs a bit more if you are exchanging your tank.

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Most 711s offer a propane exchange program through a third-party vendor. Therefore, you can drop off your empty tank for a full one for a small fee. However, they usually do not refill tanks directly, which is often the cheapest option.

Since each 711 store is independently run, the specifics can vary quite a bit. So, we recommend calling ahead if you want to know the exact prices or what services are currently available.

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