Does 711 Sell Firewood? (All You Need To Know)

While people do not need firewood as badly as they once did, it is still an essential part of many people’s lives. Those with wood stoves need firewood, for instance. So, this might make you wonder, does my local convenience store 711 sell firewood?

With that said, firewood can be challenging to find unless you happen to have trees in your backyard. To learn if 711 carries firewood, take a look at our answer below!

Does 711 Sell Firewood In 2024?

711 does often carry firewood, but this can vary from store to store in 2024. Some urban areas do not carry firewood, since customers do not need it. However, in rural areas, firewood is much more common. Therefore, rural 711 stores are more likely to carry it. Therefore, when in doubt, call and ask your local store about its stock.

For information on pricing and other stores that sell firewood, keep reading!

How Many Pieces of Wood Are in a Bundle at 711?

The exact number of pieces of wood can vary significantly. Usually, 711 creates its bundles using weight – not an exact number of pieces.

Therefore, you may end up with a few bigger pieces or many smaller pieces.

Firewood is one of those products that is going to vary significantly.

When in doubt, you can ask the cashier how many pieces are in a bundle before you purchase them.

How Much Does Firewood Cost at 711?

The price of firewood does vary considerably from store to store. 711 stores are franchised, which means that they are independently owned and operated.

Therefore, the price will often be set by the owner. It is not a corporate-wide price in most cases.

However, you can expect firewood to cost around $6 a bundle. If you’re particularly worried about the price, we recommend calling ahead and asking.

Furthermore, firewood is more common in rural areas where it is more needed. Urban areas often don’t have many customers for firewood, so they do not usually offer it.

Does 711 Deliver Firewood?

Does 711 Deliver Firewood?

You can often get firewood delivered locally if you have a 711 in range that carries it. Of course, this is not always true as many 711 stores do not carry firewood.

To order, you just need to use the 711 app. Downloading it is free, and you can order under a guest account.

Therefore, it just requires a few taps on your phone to have firewood delivered.

With that said, it is not very cheap to purchase firewood in bulk from 711.

Plus, the store does not always have a truck to deliver it. Therefore, you may be unable to purchase pounds and pounds of firewood.

For this reason, 711 delivery only works for small orders.

Where Else Can You Purchase Firewood?

There are many places that sell firewood – more than you may expect. Rural areas usually have more firewood available than urban areas, and it is often cheaper as well.

Since each area differs widely in the availability of wood, the places that sell wood are also very local.

Therefore, many gas stations and convenience stores sell firewood in rural areas, as it is a more-needed item.

Additionally, you can also find campsites and nature reserves that sell firewood. Usually, these areas have plenty of firewood and don’t do much to collect it.

Therefore, it is often much cheaper than at other locations.

Home Depot also sells firewood, as do other home improvement stores.

However, these stores are usually more expensive, as they occasionally get it shipped in.

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711 often carries firewood in rural areas, where firewood is more likely needed. Here, people are more likely to have wood-burning stoves and fire pits. However, in urban areas, firewood is much less common, as customers do not purchase it nearly as much.

There is no way to know whether or not your local store carries firewood unless you call and ask (or visit in person). Therefore, we highly recommend calling if you’re particularly concerned about whether or not your local store carries firewood.

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