Does 711 Sell Pregnancy Tests? (Effectiveness + More)

If you’ve missed your period or have been trying for a baby for months, you’ll likely be looking for a pregnancy test.

Luckily, there are countless places you can pick up a box of tests. 711 is known for its convenience, but to find out if it carries pregnancy tests, you’ll need to keep reading!

Does 711 Sell Pregnancy Tests In [currentyear]?

711 does sell pregnancy tests at many locations as of [currentyear]. Usually, stores only sell their generic brand. For this reason, 711’s tests are often very cheap. Furthermore, not all locations will carry pregnancy tests as every store’s inventory is different.

For more information about 711 pregnancy tests, take a look at the information below!

What Pregnancy Tests Does 711 Sell?

In most locations, 711 only sells its own generic brand of pregnancy tests, called the 7-Select Pregnancy Test. This test works similarly to other cheaper pregnancy tests.

According to the advertisement, this pregnancy test is very accurate from the day of your expected period. However, we would not suggest using it before then.

You can either purchase these pregnancy tests in person or visit 7NOW to have them ordered and delivered. If you have the 711 app, then you can often order them through the app, as well.

Are 711 Pregnancy Tests Effective?

Are 711 Pregnancy Tests Effective?

Many shoppers are reluctant to use a generic product when it really matters, as is the case with pregnancy tests.

With that said, most cheaper pregnancy tests (like the 711 brand) work very well when used on the day of your missed period.

However, there is little effectivity difference when you’re using them after your period has been missed.

Additionally, there is a difference between cheaper 711 tests and name-brand options.

Sometimes, more expensive, name-brand pregnancy tests can be accurate before your missed period. Often, 711 tests are not very effective during this period.

Usually, more expensive tests are more sensitive to hCG, which is the hormone used to determine if you’re pregnant. This hormone is produced around 6 to 12 days after ovulation.

However, many tests cannot detect it until much later and 711 tests fall into this category.

It states on the box that they should preferably be used on the day of your missed period or after. Before then, they aren’t very effective.

Therefore, if you need to detect a pregnancy before then, you may need to purchase a more expensive test.

Usually, you’ll need to visit a different store to pick these up, 711 only carries its own brand of pregnancy test – not the more expensive options.

Do All 711 Locations Have Pregnancy Tests?

Unfortunately, while many 711s carry pregnancy tests, not all of its stores do.

To determine if your local store carries a test, the best thing you can do is call and ask.

Do Other Convenience Stores Sell Pregnancy Tests?

Many convenience stores do sell pregnancy tests. However, this doesn’t mean that all convenience stores sell them.

Therefore, we recommend you either run to 711 specifically or call whatever store you have in mind to see if they have any in-stock beforehand.

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Often, 711 carries generic pregnancy tests for you to purchase. These tests are inexpensive and can be used with accuracy on the day of your missed period.

Not all locations carry pregnancy tests, though. We recommend calling ahead to find out what your local store currently carries, as it does vary.

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