Does 711 Sell Wine? (Types, Delivery + Locations)

711 is a popular convenience store with many different household items available. It isn’t odd for commuters to stop by their local store on the way home from work to pick up a few things.

However, if you’re looking to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner, you might be asking, does 711 sell wine? I was curious about the same thing, so I researched it further. Here’s everything I discovered!

Does 711 Sell Wine In 2024?

Most 711 stores sell wine; however, it depends on your location, as some local regulations may interfere with the wine 711 can sell as of 2024. In some cases, 711 may only be able to sell wine at certain times during the day. You can always call and ask for your store’s specific regulations.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about purchasing wine from 711!

Does 711 Deliver Wine?

Yes, 711 does deliver wine in some cases, but it depends on your area. That said, 711 did not start delivering wine until recently due to COVID-19.

Therefore, it may or may not continue to deliver wine into the future.

In fact, 711 has a particular app made for delivery called 7 NOW. After you download this app, you can order various items from 711.

Also, because this app only works in some areas, you may be able to rely on third parties in other locations for wine delivery.

Moreover, because wine sales have increased over the last few years, you can expect to see more wine available at your local 711 over the next few years.

What Kind Of Wine Does 711 Sell?

What Kind Of Wine Does 711 Sell?

Like most stores, 711 regularly switches out its stock of wine, so you may not find exactly what you’re looking for.

However, 711 stock tends to be quite dynamic and varied, so it should have something for everyone.

Moreover, 711 does have a guide on its blog to wine that it usually sells. Therefore, it’s helpful to check out this guide as an idea of what 711 typically carries.

On top of that, if you aren’t sure what you like, then the guide is also a great option.

Does 711 Sell Barefoot Wine?

Yes, in many cases, 711 will sell Barefoot branded wines. Still, the exact varieties 711 sells will vary, though.

Therefore, while 711 may sell Barefoot wine, it may not sell the exact bottle you’re craving.

Plus, each store’s exact stock does vary, so it’s best to call and ask about the current stock.

Does 711 Sell White Wine?

Often, you can find white wines available at 711. With that, 711 has a wide variety of wines available in most cases, ranging from white boxed wine to premium red wine.

Usually, though, 711 only sells everyday wine, so you won’t usually find premium wines or anything of that sort. Further, most wines on 711 shelves are medium to bottom-shelf.

What Alcohol Can You Get At 7-Eleven?

In addition to a variety of wines, you can also purchase various types of alcohol at 711.

For instance, 711 carries various beers, so you can rely on finding the most popular options at your local store.

With that, if you can typically find your favorite beer at the grocery store, then 711 probably carries it.

Of course, if you’re looking for something specific, you can always call and ask before you head out.

Does 7-Eleven Have Whiskey?

In most areas, 711 also sells various liquors, and you can usually find popular options at most local stores, including whiskey.

However, this does depend somewhat on local laws. In some cases, the local regulations prevent your local 711 from carrying liquor.

Still, if other convenience stores carry alcohol, 711 probably does too. However, you can always call your local store and ask if you are unsure.

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Usually, 7-Eleven carries many different wines at its stores and online. In some cases, 711 may even deliver your wine directly to your house.

However, the exact wines 711 sells vary based on location and local laws pertaining to alcohol sales.

Luckily, 711 usually has a pretty good variety of wines and other types of alcohol to choose from.

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