Does Ace Hardware Recycle Batteries, Paint, And Lightbulbs?

Ace Hardware is known for selling a range of products both in-store and online at competitive prices. As well as offering a range of merchandise for sale, Ace Hardware also offers hardware services and more.

If you frequently visit Ace Hardware, you may wonder if it can recycle batteries, paint, and lightbulbs at its stores and how you can do this. I’ve done the research, and here’s what I’ve discovered!

Does Ace Hardware Recycle Batteries, Paint, & Lightbulbs In [currentyear]?

Ace Hardware can recycle batteries, paint, and lightbulbs at some of its stores as of [currentyear]. You can take batteries and lightbulbs to the front register of Ace Hardware to be recycled from there. Also, you can recycle paint at Ace Hardware through PaintCare or other third-party companies operating inside some stores.

For more information on how to recycle batteries, paint and light bulbs at Ace Hardware, including what can and cannot be recycled, and what Ace Hardware locations you can recycle at, then keep reading!

How Do I Recycle Batteries, Paint, And Lightbulbs At Ace Hardware?

To have your batteries, paint, and lightbulbs recycled at Ace Hardware, you can take them to the front register.

Paint at Ace Hardware is recycled by PaintCare, so you may be directed to a different location within the store, depending on your local Ace Hardware layout.

As Ace Hardware is a cooperative business, not all locations will offer the same services.

That said, it’s best to contact your local Ace Hardware for complete information about its policies regarding recycling batteries, paint, and lightbulbs.

Does Ace Hardware Recycle Batteries?

Yes, Ace Hardware has stated it can recycle batteries, including dry cell household batteries, rechargeable batteries, and cell phone batteries.

What Batteries Does Ace Hardware Recycle?

Ace Hardware can only accept certain types of batteries to recycle, which may differ depending on location.

For example, the types of batteries that many Ace Hardware locations will accept include:

  • AAA
  • AA
  • C
  • D
  • 9V
  • Cell phone batteries

However, many Ace Hardware locations will not accept lead-acid batteries.

So, it’s best to contact your local Ace Hardware to confirm what batteries it can take to recycle.

Does Ace Hardware Recycle Paint?

Yes, Ace Hardware can also accept and recycle paint for a small fee using various third-party companies that vary depending on location.

That said, the primary method of recycling paint at Ace Hardware is through PaintCare, which has locations at Ace Hardware stores and True Value, Sherwin-Williams, and more.

However, some Ace Hardware locations offer paint recycling services, including ePaint and EarthPaint, which offer paint recycling for a small fee.

Further, some of the Ace Hardware locations where you can recycle paint include:

  • Len’s Ace Hardware in Addison and Bloomingdale
  • Ace Hardware in Aurora
  • Kin-Ko Ace Hardware
  • Ebel’s Ace Hardware
  • Buikema’s Ace Hardware
  • And many more locations!

Does Ace Hardware Recycle Lightbulbs?

Does Ace Hardware Recycle Lightbulbs?

Yes, Ace Hardware can also recycle lightbulbs within some of its stores as part of its recycling initiative.

For example, customers report that Ace Hardware accepts lightbulbs such as Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL).

What Light Bulbs Can Ace Hardware Recycle?

Ace Hardware can recycle lightbulbs classified as “Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs” in various forms, including tubes up to 8 feet long.

At this time, Ace Hardware cannot accept broken bulbs or lamps as part of its recycling program.

Also, Ace Hardware restricts customers from returning a maximum of five bulbs per day. 

Does Ace Hardware Sell Recycling Products?

As well as facilitating the recycling of batteries, paint, and lightbulbs within its stores, Ace Hardware also sells a range of recycling products.

For example, recycling products available at Ace Hardware include a Toter 32 gal Polyethylene Wheeled Recycling Bin ($89.99) and the Behrens 20 gal. Galvanised Steel Composter/ Rubbish Burner ($47.99).

Do Ace Hardware Stores Recycle?

Yes, Ace Hardware stores do recycle. In fact, 85% of Ace Hardware stores offer some type of environmentally sustainable practice, with 69% of stores offering recycling programs.

Also, Ace Hardware has acted to reduce its carbon emissions within its supply chain systems, including committing to zero waste.

Further, the Ace Hardware Import Redistribution Centre in Suffolk and Kent have been declared active participants in the zero-landfill initiative.

Additionally, New Retail Support Centres for Ace Hardware will open in Texas and Ohio that will operate with motion-deception lighting that’s energy-efficient and run on hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Is Ace Hardware A Sustainable Company?

As well as offering recycling practices in its stores, Ace Hardware as a company is committed to being sustainable.

For example, the Ace Hardware Paint Division Plant in Chicago Heights was awarded for its environmental efforts by preventing 50 tons of paint from being sent to landfills annually.

As well as environmental practices, Ace Hardware donates to charity and contributes to youth education and advocacy programs such as Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America.  

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As part of its sustainability plans, Ace Hardware can recycle batteries, paint, and lightbulbs at select stores.

So, check with your local Ace Hardware store to see what its policies about recycling are.

Also, there may be limits on how many items you can recycle at Ace Hardware in one day, such as only five lightbulbs within one day.

On top of that, paint recycling may cost a small fee at Ace Hardware, which may vary from location to location. 

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