Does Ace Hardware Rent Trailers? (Try This Instead)

As a leading hardware retailer, Ace Hardware is known for providing customers with a range of products and services. However, many customers don’t know that along with selling items, Ace Hardware also has selected tools, equipment, and more for rent.

If you need to rent a trailer, you may be wondering if Ace Hardware supplies them for rent, how much it costs, and if other companies can rent trailers. I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I’ve found out!

Does Ace Hardware Rent Trailers In 2024?

Ace Hardware does not rent trailers at any of its locations, nor can trailers be rented from the Ace Hardware website as of 2024. Also, Ace Hardware does not sell trailers, but it does sell accessories. However, similar hardware companies to Ace Hardware that rent trailers include Home Depot and Lowe’s.

For more information about trailer rental at Ace Hardware, including why Ace Hardware doesn’t rent trailers, what similar equipment you can rent from Ace Hardware, and more, keep reading!

Why Doesn’t Ace Hardware Rent Trailers?

Ace Hardware doesn’t rent trailers at any of its locations.

On its website, Ace Hardware states that it’s a retail cooperative, with many of its stores run by independent owners.

Therefore, it’s likely not feasible for Ace Hardware to rent trailers as a company because it doesn’t own most of its stores. 

What Equipment Does Ace Hardware Have Available To Rent?

The majority of products that Ace Hardware has available to rent are power tools for completing electrical, plumbing, and heating jobs.

That said, to be eligible to rent an item from Ace Hardware, you’ll need the following:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Form of ID
  • Credit card
  • Vehicle information

Also, Ace Hardware has some of the equipment for rent, including:

  • Painting and drywall equipment
  • Power tools
  • Power washers
  • Party goods
  • Garden equipment
  • Moving equipment
  • Nailers
  • Ladders
  • And much more!

Moreover, the cost to rent tools at Ace Hardware varies from location to location and depends on the product and duration of the rental.

Where Can I Rent Trailers Other Than Ace Hardware?

Where Can I Rent Trailers Other Than Ace Hardware?

While Ace Hardware cannot rent trailers, similar retailers can rent various trailer types to customers, including Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Home Depot

The trailers available to rent at Home Depot are of the Ohio Steel Industries, Inc brand and include regular trailers and dump trailers.

For example, the trailers available from Home Depot include:

  • Lawn and Garden Trailer (three by five-foot hauling ability)
  • Channel Frame Trailer (five by eight-foot hauling ability)
  • Solid Wall Trailer (five by eight-foot hauling ability)

Additionally, there are dump trucks available to rent from Home Depot, including:

  • Five by eight-foot trailer with a three cubic yard capacity
  • Six by ten-foot trailer with a four cubic yard capacity
  • Seven by 14-foot trailer with a seven cubic yard capacity

Further, renting a trailer for four hours from Home Depot begins at around $14 for the smallest trailer.

On the other hand, the largest trailer for the longest rental period, four weeks, is $504.


Like Home Depot, Lowe’s has utility trailers and dump trailers available for rent at its stores.

That said, trailers available for rent at Lowe’s include:

  • Highside Carry-On Utility Trailer
  • Single and Tandem Axle Dump Trailer
  • Dump trailers (1625, 3130, and 4540-pound carrying capacity)

Regarding price, Lowe’s charges between $27 and $101 to rent a trailer, depending on the type of trailer.

Also, Lowe’s allows you to rent trailers between four hours and four weeks.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Trailers?

While Ace Hardware doesn’t currently sell or rent trailers in-store or online, it sells a range of trailer accessories.

For example, trailer accessories on the Ace Hardware website include the Peterson Red Square Trailer Light Kit ($29.99) and the Hopkins 4 Flat and 7 Blade Trailer Adapter ($11.99).

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Currently, Ace Hardware cannot rent trailers to customers, nor does it sell trailers within its stores or online.

However, Ace Hardware does sell a range of trailer accessories.

So, if you wish to rent a trailer, Home Depot and Lowe’s have a variety of trailer types available to rent for up to four weeks.

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