Does Ace Hardware Sell Plants? (Types, Pricing + More)

Ace Hardware is best known for selling a range of power tools, raw materials, and more to help customers complete DIY projects. However, Ace Hardware also offers other products in stores, including garden supplies.

If you’re a fan of Ace Hardware, you may be wondering if the retail cooperative sells plants, what type of plants it sells, and how much plants cost at Ace Hardware. I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I’ve learned!

Does Ace Hardware Sell Plants In [currentyear]?

Some Ace Hardware locations sell plants, including shrubs, annuals, perennials, and houseplants, as part of the Ace Garden Center as of [currentyear]. Plants sold at Ace Hardware stores will vary based on location and may only be offered seasonally in some stores, usually during the springtime. Also, some Ace Hardware stores sell locally sourced plants from growers nearby.

For more information about Ace Hardware plants, including if Ace Hardware sells live plants, if you can purchase plants from Ace Hardware on its website, and if it sells plants like succulents, just keep reading!

What Type Of Plants Does Ace Hardware Sell?

Ace Hardware is a cooperative, meaning that different stores will carry a diverse array of merchandise based on what is popular in the area.

Therefore, some Ace Hardware stores will have plants year-round, while some only offer plants seasonally.

For example, the Ace Hardware store in Titusville, Florida, offers a range of plants that are local to Florida, including locally grown herbs and vegetables, native and drought-tolerant plants, and butterfly plants.

Similarly, the Ace Hardware store in Saddle Rock, New York, carries a range of seasonal live plants such as bedding plants, hanging baskets, and patio planters, as well as other supplies like soil and fertilizers.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Live Plants?

Yes, certain Ace Hardware stores sell live plants, including indoor and outdoor plants.

However, the plants available at your local Ace Hardware store may vary from other stores due to the cooperative nature of the company.

Further, Ace Hardware locations are likely to offer live plants related to the local area, including those that will thrive in the climate and locally grown plants.

As well as selling live plants, Ace Hardware also carries seed starter kits and other equipment that allow you to plant your own flowers.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Succulents?

Does Ace Hardware Sell Succulents?

Yes, some Ace Hardware stores offer plants that are succulents.

For example, it has been reported the Ace Hardware store in Davis, California, sells locally sourced succulents from small growers in the area.

Further, customers say that this Ace Hardware location offers some rare succulent types.

Regarding the prices of succulents, Ace Hardware sells them at the following rates:

  • $1.99 for two-inch plants
  • $2.99 for three-inch plants
  • $4.29 for four-inch plants

As with other plants sold at Ace Hardware, it sells the succulents in plastic pots with labels identifying the type of plant they are.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Vegetable Plants?

Yes, some Ace Hardware locations sell vegetable plants and seeds to help you grow your own.

For example, Ace Hardware in Pasadena, California, sells vegetable seeds, seedlings, and plants sourced from local growers.

Also, this Ace Hardware location offers a guide to help your vegetable plants succeed.

When Does Ace Hardware Sell Plants?

If your Ace Hardware location doesn’t sell plants year-round, many sites have been known to sell plants seasonally, often in the Spring.

That said, many Ace Hardware stores will receive plants, seeds, and more for sale when planting season begins, and many don’t carry houseplants year-round.

Further, some workers have stated that their Ace Hardware stores stock houseplants and outdoor plants year-round, keeping them in a heated room and an outdoor area, respectively.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Plants Online?

Currently, Ace Hardware does not sell plants online, likely because they will be hard to maintain in warehouses and ship without the plants perishing.

So, live plants are only available to purchase from select Ace Hardware stores.

However, Ace Hardware does sell a range of plant-related equipment within its lawn and garden department on its website.

Additionally, products available for sale on the Ace Hardware website related to plants include:

  • Lawn fertilizers
  • Weed and vegetation killers
  • Grass seeds
  • Lawn and garden insect control
  • Seed and fertilizer spreaders
  • Sprayers
  • Soil conditioners
  • Fungicides

So, if you’re interested in purchasing plants from Ace Hardware, it’s best to contact your local store and inquire if it stocks plants and when it’s likely to receive plants if it doesn’t sell them annually.

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Many Ace Hardware locations will sell indoor and outdoor plants year-round.

However, some stores will only stock plants seasonally in the Spring. Also, some Ace Hardware stores will often stock plants from local vendors.

Currently, Ace Hardware plants are only available for purchase within select stores, as you cannot purchase plants from the website.

Therefore, it’s best to contact your local Ace Hardware store to see what types of plants it has for sale during different times of the year.

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