Does Advance Auto Parts Do Oil Changes? (All You Need to Know)

As a car owner, you need to do regular oil changes for the engine and other vehicle components to function properly.

While it’s possible to change the oil by yourself, you can also use professionals who specialize in automotive parts and accessories.

So, if you are looking for this service, can you get it at Advance Auto Parts? If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article for more useful facts!

Does Advance Auto Parts Perform Oil Changes In 2024?

Unfortunately, Advanced Auto Parts does not provide oil-changing services in 2024. Instead, the company offers oil change specials that customers can take advantage of to reduce the cost of doing an oil change. Additionally, there are tips on the company website that you can use to do an oil change by yourself.

To learn more about why Advance Auto Parts does not offer oil changes, and where you can get this service, keep on reading for more useful information and tips!

Why Doesn’t Advance Auto Parts Offer Oil Changes?

If you’re wondering why Advance Auto Parts stores don’t perform oil changes, here are some reasons:

It Takes a Lot of Time

An oil change takes nearly an hour to complete.

Therefore, instead of spending time changing oil for you, the Advance Auto Parts team members can refer you to another provider and give you tips.

Advance Auto Parts is a retailer; therefore, it has a lot of customers who need different services; so the company has to focus on the core business.

Therefore, it might be easier to buy the oils and use the oil-changing tips at home.

Area of Specialty

Although Advance Auto Parts sells aftermarket parts and accessories, it doesn’t handle all types of automotive services, such as oil changes.

It’s much easier to get this done at a service center specializing in oil changes because the staff is also better qualified.

How Will Advance Auto Parts Help You Change Oil?

Although Advance Auto Parts will not change your oil, it provides customers with some resources to handle the task at home, such as the following:

Oil Change Specials

Advance Auto Parts has oil change specials that allow the customers to buy oil at a discounted price.

Every month, Advance Auto Parts updates full synthetic and conventional oil change specials on the website.

If you prefer to shop in-store, you can consult with the staff to know which oil offers are available.

This special offer allows customers to save money and get new oil for their vehicles at a lower price.

Online Tips

If you buy oil from Advance Auto Parts stores, you can use the tips provided on the website to guide you on how to change engine oil.

With this information, the retailer provides detailed information about the tools and supplies you need to carry out an oil change at home.

Which Other Stores Perform Oil Changes?

Which Other Stores Perform Oil Changes?

Now that Advance Auto Parts does not change oil, where else can you get this service? Here are some stores to consider:

Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube offers an oil and filter change service with up to five quarts of quality motor oil.

You can get the best oil for your vehicle, whether you use a synthetic, conventional, synthetic blend, or high mileage oil.

Jiffy Lube’s oil change service includes comprehensive preventive maintenance service to check, change, and inspect essential components, and systems and components of your car.


AAMCO has a Full-Service Oil & Filter Change service, including a new oil filter, a comprehensive vehicle check, and up to 5 quarts of engine oil.

AAMCO staff will help you change the oil and filters before getting back on the road.


Goodyear auto service will recommend the best oil for your car.

Apart from selling tires, this company will check and replace your oil, oil filter, and any other fluids to ensure your vehicle is functioning properly.

Can You Change Oil by Yourself?

If you’ve never changed the oil in your vehicle, it’s possible to do so at home. This process is quite easy, even for beginners, if you have the technical know-how.

Fortunately, you can use the tips provided by Advance Auto Parts to drain the oil pumps and refill.

However, you should only perform the oil change by yourself if you have the necessary skills.

Therefore, if you are unsure about how to go about it, you can go to your local mechanic or auto store that provides this service.

How Long Does It Take to Change Oil?

For beginners, an oil change can take you about an hour. However, it can take a shorter time if it’s not your first time.

If you take your vehicle to an auto shop, the process might take less time, about 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the workload.

Additionally, if your drain plugs and filters are difficult to access, it might take a longer time.

How Much Does an Oil Change Cost?

When changing the oil in your vehicle, the prices are not static, and will vary depending on where you buy the oil and labor costs.

If you are buying oil from Advance Auto Parts, you will spend about $20 to $30, depending on the brand you purchase.

Keep in mind that these prices will change based on the oil change special.

On average, an oil and filter change using synthetic oil will cost you about $65 to $125, while using conventional oil, you’ll pay about $35 to $73.

Therefore, the price changes depending on what your vehicle needs.

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Advanced Auto Parts does not provide oil-changing services to its customers. Instead, the company offers oil change specials that customers can take advantage of to reduce the cost of performing an oil change.

Additionally, Advance Auto has tips on the company website that you can use to do an oil change by yourself. If you are a beginner, the oil changing process can take about an hour.

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