Does Aldi Deliver In Australia? (All You Need To Know)

Aldi first came to Australia in 2001 and currently operates a little under 600 stores around the country. In the U.S. and Canada, Aldi is a popular chain on the grocery delivery platform Instacart, where customers can place orders and then schedule a delivery or pickup.

You might be wondering, though: Does Aldi deliver in Australia, too? What are your options in this country? I have the answers you seek so continue reading!

Does Aldi Deliver In Australia In 2024?

Aldi does deliver in Australia, but those orders are restricted to specific postcodes in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland, the three most populous states as of 2024. The orders are also restricted to specific Special Buys items, like mattresses and refrigerators. Furthermore, delivery pricing depends on the product and its destination.

To learn more about how Aldi delivery works in Australia, where you can get Special Buys delivered (and how to find out if you’re eligible), how much it costs, and much more, then continue reading!

How Does Aldi Delivery Work In Australia?

When Aldi Australia announced it was finally implementing delivery to its national markets, the response it got was slightly underwhelming.

Therefore, for customers who were imagining an Instacart-like experience, the new delivery program was a letdown.

Can you get your weekly groceries delivered to your front door? No.

Can you at least get any of the Special Buys delivered? Also no.

Instead, the program is limited to specific Special Buys that you can see on the Aldi AU website here.

Special Buys, of course, are those ever-changing goodies that sell for limited runs – when they’re gone, they’re gone.

In the U.S. they’re called Aldi Finds and they release new ones once a week (on Wednesdays or Sundays, depending on your location).

In Australia, Special Buys are released twice a week, at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

There are items like a refrigerator, a 3D printer, a pool set, a Komodo Egg BBQ grill, and even an 85” TV.

However, there are also smaller items like a foldable keyboard, a gaming mouse, books, a digital photo frame, and a sink tap.

Furthermore, interested shoppers can browse the selection and add items to their cart.

At check-out, there is an area where you can enter your postcode, then select your city or suburb.

Then, press “Calculate shipping” and you can see how much the whole thing costs.

Additionally, the site reminds you that all online transactions on the Aldi site incur a 0.5 percent surcharge.

Furthermore, shipping can take anywhere from five to 16 days, and they do not offer any “express” shipping options.

If you check this page, you can see which items are currently experiencing delays, too.

Where Does Aldi Deliver In Australia?

Where Does Aldi Deliver In Australia?

Aldi currently delivers limited Special Buys to the states of New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland in Australia.

Within those states, there are specific postcodes that are eligible.

Furthermore, the best way to see if your location is eligible is to visit the Aldi AU Special Buys site, add something to your basket, and then head to check-out.

Then, at the check-out, you can enter a postcode to see if your area is on their list.

If it is not, it will read “Unfortunately, ALDI delivery service is currently unavailable in your area.”

If you are eligible, you will see your shipping cost.

How Much Is Aldi Delivery In Australia?

The price of Aldi delivery in Australia depends on two factors: What the item is and what the destination is.

Heavier items, like a refrigerator, are obviously going to incur a much higher shipping charge than, say, a mouse set or books.

Furthermore, if you happen to live further from a distribution warehouse, then you are likely going to pay more for shipping, as well.

As I mentioned above, you can find out how much shipping will cost by visiting the site.

There you can add items to your basket and use the delivery locator tool at the check-out.

Can You Do Aldi Pickup In Australia?

Since Aldi delivery in Australia is limited to Special Buys, that means the company doesn’t have an actual online grocery shopping program in place.

Furthermore, because of that, you cannot do grocery pickup in Australia, either.

Additionally, you can’t plan for a Special Buy pickup, because the items ship from a distribution center, not the individual stores.

Will Aldi Ever Deliver Groceries In Australia?

Aldi AU shows definite signs that they are moving toward incorporating an actual grocery delivery service.

In a statement with 7News Australia, Simon Padovani, the Group Director of Customer Interactions for Aldi AU spoke about this possibility.

“Our limited initial online offer allows us to the set foundations for our future program,” he said. This is a very promising sign, and it can’t come soon enough!

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Aldi Australia currently offers limited delivery to select states and postcodes, on select Special Buys items.

Those who are looking forward to a full grocery delivery program one day in Australia, however, can stay hopeful as– it looks as though the possibility is there for in the future.

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