Does Amazon Make Movies & TV Shows? (You’ll Be Surprised)

You may not know this, but Amazon Studios is actually responsible for making movies and TV shows. Yes, you read that right!

In this article, we will take a look at the types of movies and TV shows that Amazon makes and discuss why they have been so successful in this arena.

Does Amazon Make Movies & TV Shows In 2024?

Since 2010, Amazon Studios has been responsible for creating innovative, original movies and tv shows all the way into 2024. Interestingly, several shows and movies like Manchester by the Sea are even award winners. With big budgets and groundbreaking content, the studios have entered into partnerships with the creators of Lost and the Simpsons for new programming.

To discover more about the movies and tv shows made by Amazon Studios, including what to expect in the future, keep reading!

What Is Amazon Studios?

Amazon Studios is a creative hub for both film and television production.

Furthermore, since its founding, they have been responsible for getting some of the most popular TV shows on the air, like “Transparent.

In fact, they even broke new ground with its partners to create an original streaming series based on one of Shelley Rosier’s books called-‘Catastrophe‘.

When Was Amazon Studios Founded?

Amazon Studios was founded in 2010 to produce original content for the Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

Since 2010, Amazon Studios has made several successful movies and TV shows, including The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Transparent, and Manchester by the Sea.

Where Is Amazon Studios Located?

This innovative streaming services headquarters are located in Santa Monica, California.

Why Did Amazon Get Into Making Movies And TV shows?

It all started in 2010 when Amazon launched a new platform called Amazon Instant Video.

This allowed Prime members to stream movies and TV Shows on their computers, tablets, and phones.

However, Amazon wanted to offer more than just the ability to watch movies and TV Shows; it wanted to create its own movies and TV Shows that could only be found on Amazon.

What Types Of Movies And TV Shows Does Amazon Studios Produce?

What Types Of Movies And TV Shows Does Amazon Studios Produce?

Amazon Studios produces a wide variety of movies, and TV Shows, ranging from kid’s shows to comedies, and dramas.

So far, Amazon Studios has produced 17 feature films and 22 television series. Additionally, they have also acquired the rights to distribute a number of other movies and TV shows.

What Original Shows Does Amazon Make?

Some of the most popular movies that Amazon Studios has produced are The Boys, The Expanse, and Jack Ryan.

They also have a show called ‘The Man in High Castle,’ which is about an alternate history where Germany rules America with Prime Minister Churchill still alive during World War II!

Then there’s Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – it follows a housewife in Budapest as she becomes one of many women adapting to life after WWII by starting her own catering company.

Why Have Amazon Studios Movies And TV Shows Been So Successful?

One of the reasons why Amazon Studios movies and TV Shows have been so successful is because they are willing to take risks on new and innovative projects.

For example, its TV show Transparent was one of the first shows to focus on the transgender community, and it went on to win multiple Emmy Awards.

Moreover, Amazon Studios is also willing to spend a lot of money on its Movies and TV Shows; they have one of the biggest budgets in Hollywood.

What Amazon Originals Have Won Awards?

Some of the awards that Amazon Studios Movies and TV Shows have won are the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), and multiple Emmy Awards.

Furthermore, it has also won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay (Manchester by the Sea).

What Original Programs Are Amazon Currently Developing?

Currently, Amazon is developing several Movies and TV Shows, including a new series from the creators of The Walking Dead, a new sci-fi series, and a new animated series.

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As you can see, Amazon Studios is responsible for making innovative original movies and TV shows.

Furthermore, they have been very successful in this arena and have won multiple awards. Additionally, if you are a fan of Movies and TV Shows, you should definitely check out what Amazon Studios has to offer. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite show!

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