Does Amazon Own Spotify? (All You Need To Know)

Amazon owns a number of different companies under its umbrella, including such well-known brands as Audible, Whole Foods, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and many other different companies.

However, because of its similarities to Amazon Music, some customers wonder if Amazon owns Spotify. If you’d like to learn more about this as well, keep reading this article for more information on this topic!

Does Amazon Own Spotify?

Amazon is not the owner of Spotify but rather owns a similar company called Amazon Music. However, customers are able to download Spotify from the Amazon App Store, and they are able to use the app on a number of Amazon devices. As well, Spotify gift cards for memberships can be purchased from

If you’d like to learn more about who owns Spotify, the similarities to Spotify and Amazon Music, the Amazon devices Spotify may be used on, and more, keep reading for more facts, tips, and useful information!

Who Is Spotify Owned By?

Spotify is owned by Daniel Ek, who founded the company in 2006. The company was established in Sweden and is currently the largest music streaming service in the world, with over 381 million users and 172 million paying users.

Spotify is available in most major countries and includes over 70 million songs in the app’s lineup.

The app runs on a monthly membership payment rather than customers paying for individual songs, enabling customers to stream an unlimited amount of music.

Additionally, Spotify not only makes popular music available for streaming but also makes provision for music creators to add their own music to Spotify and create from the Spotify website.

Are Amazon Music and Spotify the Same?

Due to their similarities, many customers may believe Amazon Music and Spotify are the same app.

However, Amazon does not own Spotify, and therefore, they are separate entities.

The main similarity between Amazon Music and Spotify is that both apps run on a monthly membership and allow customers to stream music instead of having to pay for songs individually.

However, Amazon Music differs from Spotify in areas such as how much the membership costs, the personalization features available, as well as the interface design the app carries.

Therefore, while Amazon Music and Spotify may appear the same on the surface, both apps are run very differently and are owned by separate companies.

Is Spotify Better than Amazon Music?

Is Spotify Better than Amazon Music?

Amazon Music and Spotify excel more than the others in different areas.

For example, the monthly subscription cost for Spotify is $9.99, while it only costs $7.99 per month for Amazon Music and is also free for Amazon Prime members.

As well, Amazon currently offers high-fidelity tracks at no extra cost to customers, whereas Spotify is set to charge customers extra for streaming such music.

However, while Amazon Music is slightly more affordable than Spotify, many customers prefer Spotify due to the personalization features available, such as the app putting together a playlist every few days for customers based on their streaming history.

Customers also find Spotify’s app interface much easier to use than Amazon Music’s.

Therefore, both apps are better than the others in certain areas, meaning it’s up to individual customers to decide which app is best for their needs.

Is Spotify Compatible With Amazon Devices?

While Amazon doesn’t own Spotify, customers who own an Alexa-enabled device can use Spotify.

The devices that currently support Spotify are Amazon Alexa, Echo, and Echo Dot.

If customers would like to connect Amazon Alexa to Spotify, they can do so by using the following method:

  1. Download the Amazon Alexa app on your device, or complete the set-up on your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.
  2. Next, go to your Settings app and select Music.
  3. Click “Link New Service” and select Spotify.
  4. Type in your Spotify password and username, then select “Default Services” and set Spotify as the default music app.

After finishing the setup, customers will be able to open and use Spotify by using Alexa commands such as “Spotify Connect” and a number of other regular commands.

Is Spotify Available in the Amazon App Store?

Even though Amazon does not own Spotify, customers who use Amazon brand devices can still download Spotify from the Amazon App Store.

Additionally, customers can connect Spotify to Amazon Alexa as long as they’re using a device that supports both Alexa and the Spotify app.

Does Amazon Sell Spotify Gift Cards?

In addition to making Spotify available for download, Amazon also sells Spotify gift cards through that are available as digital gift cards.

Currently, customers can purchase Spotify membership gift cards at $30.00 for three months, or they can purchase an annual Spotify card for $99.00.

At this time, Amazon does not currently sell Spotify gift cards on a month-by-month basis and only sells the cards in subscription bundles.

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