Does Amazon Prime Include Audible? (Not What You Think)

In addition to the free expedited shipping, Prime members get early access to sales and promotions, including Lightning Deals and exclusive Prime Day Deals. 

Due to this relationship between Amazon and Audible, there is an industry rumor that membership to Audible is included with Amazon Prime membership. But is this the case? Here is what I found.

Does Amazon Prime Include Audible?

Amazon Prime memberships do not include a membership to Audible. However, Amazon Prime does come with a rotation of various audiobooks for your Amazon Fire. Amazon Prime members may also access promotions for an Audible trial that includes three audiobooks for free.

Keep reading to learn more about the Audible promotion for Amazon Prime members and what’s included!

Amazon Prime Allows New Audible Customers To Try It For Free

If you enjoy reading or listening to your favorite book or podcast, you will benefit from an Audible subscription.

Additionally, if you are already an Amazon Prime member, you can download the Audible app and listen to titles for free- to try the service. 

Make sure that when you set up an account on the Audible app you use the email address and password connected to your Amazon Prime account to get the free books or incentives being offered by Prime.

You will then be taken to your Audible home screen, where you can begin to select and download books. 

Does Amazon Prime Give You Free Audiobooks Each Month?

So, do you get free audiobooks on Audible each month with an Amazon Prime membership?

The short answer is ‘no’, but there are free, rotated audiobooks available through Amazon Prime that can be downloaded, again for free, onto your Amazon Fire. 

Also, you may be privy to a subscriber incentive that offers a particular number of free audiobooks to try Audible as a Prime member.

There are a number of free audiobooks available to Amazon Prime members, but a free membership to Audible is not a benefit of Prime. 

Remember, too, that being a Prime member gives you access to discounts for joining subscription services- including Audible.

Reports indicate that Prime members are able to save upwards of 75% on the cost of Audible membership than non-members. 

Do Amazon Prime Members Get Free Audiobooks?

Do Amazon Prime Members Get Free Audiobooks?

Have you already used your free trial from Audible? If so, you may be ineligible for a free trial offer or promotion.

There are other offers through Amazon Prime that you may be able to take advantage of for savings and trials. 

Prime members are often approached with discounts on Audible membership plans, often as low as $3.95 per month!

On average, Amazon Prime members can expect to save around 75% on their Audible memberships.

Also, make sure to check the official site of Amazon frequently to find current Audible offers and promotions. 

What Is Audible Plus?

Audible modified and expanded its membership services to Audible Plus, with Premium Plus membership plans for valued subscribers.

Part of the allure and distinction of this new program is the Unlimited listening catalog, a main feature of Audible Plus membership plans. 

With over 500,000 titles to choose from, Audible Plus likely has something for any subscriber. 

While Audible and Audible Plus are not accessible for Amazon Prime members, there are exclusive Audible benefits for Amazon Prime members. 

One specific distinction between being a Prime member and not when it comes to Audible is the number of credits given to new prospective subscribers.

For example, people without a Prime membership get one free credit with a 30-day free Audible trial. 

Amazon Prime members get at least two credits in similar promotions. Membership has its advantages! 

How To Subscribe To Audible?

Additionally, Audible membership rates are at their lowest as a means of drawing new subscribers to try Audible Plus.

Social media influencers may also offer discount codes for those wanting to try Audible- but at a reduced rate. 

You are able to cancel a free trial membership at any time-plus; you won’t be charged if you cancel your Audible subscription before the free trial period ends.

Any books that you bought during your free trial with your free credits are yours to keep! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may have questions regarding committing to an Audible membership. Here is what you should know!

Do You Have To Have Amazon Prime To Get Audible?

No, Amazon Prime and Audible are two different subscription services, even though they are both owned by Amazon.

You can subscribe to one, both, or none at all; the choice is up to you!

Is Audible Free With Amazon Prime?

No, but there are Audible benefits for being an Amazon Prime member, including free audiobooks and alluring trial offers. 

Can I Cancel My Audible Membership?

Of course, if you cancel before a free trial ends, you will not be charged.

Also, you get to keep any books that you downloaded with free credits during your trial period. 

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If you have Amazon Prime, you likely can get a great free trial for Audible, but membership is not included with your Prime.

There are many perks to Prime, including access to a variety of free audiobooks for your Amazon Fire.

While you will not automatically get a subscription to Audible with your Amazon Prime membership, an argument can be made for why you should go ahead and subscribe anyway.

Amazon Prime offers a wide range of perks for members, and Audible offers a vast array of audiobooks and podcasts for education and enjoyment. It is a win-win. 

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