Does Amazon Sell Cars, Scooters, Or Motorbikes? (All You Need To Know)

Although Amazon is known for selling almost anything, many shoppers wonder if Amazon also sells cars, scooters, and motorbikes.

This article will look at the different types of vehicles that Amazon sells, so if you’re curious about whether or not Amazon sells cars, scooters, or motorbikes, read on!

Does Amazon Sell Cars, Scooters, Or Motorbikes In 2024?

Car sales on Amazon are limited to Italy only as of 2024. Through a partnership with Fiat-Chrysler, shoppers can purchase small vehicles for pickup at local dealerships. However, shoppers can buy scooters and motorbikes in the US and other locations for as low as $850. With a Prime Store card, financing is even available on select models.

To find out how to buy a car, scooter, or motorbike from Amazon, including where to find vehicle information for future purchases, keep reading!

Are Cars Available For Sale On Amazon In the US?

Due to U.S. franchise laws and other regulations, vehicles are not sold on the Amazon US website. In fact, it is unlikely that will happen anytime soon.

However, given that more elements of car buying are moving online, it’s possible that Amazon may play a considerable role in brokering sales between dealers and buyers in the future.

How Likely Are Customers To Use Amazon To Buy A Vehicle?

As stated earlier, online car shopping is growing with the popularity of websites like Car Guru and Carvana!

When the Fiat-Chrysler Amazon partnership was introduced, it was noted that at least half of Italians were comfortable ordering a car online.

However, the majority (97 %) wanted to be able to pick it up from a local dealer.

When Are Vehicles Purchased From Amazon Available For Pickup?

Generally, vehicles purchased from Amazon can be picked up from the dealership within two weeks of your order.

Does Amazon Ship Vehicles To Customers’ Homes?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not ship vehicles purchased from its site directly to customers.

Since buyers prefer to work with trusted local dealerships, once a preferred vehicle is selected on Amazon, they are directed to a local dealer for pickup.

What Types Of Cars Are Available On Amazon?

Currently, in partnership with Fiat-Chrysler, only three models are available:

  1. The Fiat 500
  2. The Fiat 500L
  3. The Fiat Panda

How Can Shoppers Select A Vehicle For Purchase On Amazon?

How Can Shoppers Select A Vehicle For Purchase On Amazon?

Customers can search for vehicles on Amazon the same way as any other product.  Simply search for cars and then click on the model you want.

Once selected, shoppers can choose the packages they’d like included.

After your vehicle order is complete, an Amazon representative will contact you with nearby dealership options for picking up your car when it’s ready.

Can Amazon Help Shippers Finance Their Vehicle?

Currently, there are no vehicle financing options available on Amazon. However, the partnership with Fiat-Chrysler does provide vehicle discounts on the manufacturer’s price.

What Is Amazon Vehicles?

With Amazon Vehicle’s new and used car reviews, finding a good deal on your next purchase has never been easier!

Right now, the available information consists primarily of new and used-car reviews similar to what shoppers might find on websites like

Are Scooters And Motorbikes Available For Sale In The US?

Unlike cars, government regulations for the sale of scooters and motorbikes are less strict in the US. Therefore, even US shoppers can buy these vehicles from Amazon.

How Much Are Scooters and Motorbikes On Amazon?

Scooters on Amazon start at around $830. In fact, some models like the X-Pro 150 cc moped even have financing available with an approved Prime Store card!

Like, scooters, Motorbikes on Amazon are relatively inexpensive.  Some models can be found starting at around $955.

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So if you’re in the market for a new set of wheels, don’t forget to check out Amazon! Furthermore, Amazon Vehicles provides all the information you need to make an informed purchase.

However, only shoppers in Italy can find a selection of small Fiat- Chrysler cars. Whereas in other locations, shoppers can find a more extensive selection of scooters and motorbikes. Remember, if you have any questions, just ask Amazon’s team of experts.

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