Does Amazon Take Mastercard? (All You Need to Know)

Since Mastercard is a popular credit card, our readers often ask if they can use Mastercard to shop on Amazon.

Well, here are some answers to this common question, and more helpful information regarding using Mastercard when making Amazon purchases!

Does Amazon Accept Mastercard In 2024?

Amazon accepts all major credit cards for payment, including Mastercard in 2024. However, third-party vendors on Amazon and Amazon Pay may restrict specific payment methods. Credit card information can easily be saved on Amazon for future use. However, shoppers cannot use multiple credit cards for purchase. If shoppers have issues with payments, they must contact Mastercard customer service for assistance.

To learn more about making payments with Mastercard on Amazon, and discover alternative ways to pay for orders, keep reading!

What Types of Payment Does Amazon Accept?

Currently, Amazon accepts a variety of payment methods.

In addition to accepting MasterCard, Amazon accepts Visa, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB.

Likewise, select shoppers can apply for the store card, which can also be used to make orders on Amazon. 

Not only can shoppers use credit cards for payment, but they can also pay with checking accounts.

For business owners, Amazon presents the option to pay by invoice.

When customers use the Amazon pay app to make purchases from third-party sellers, there are times when these transactions can only be made with Visa or Mastercard.

However, if a shopper makes a purchase from this type of seller, they will receive a notification during check out.

Does Amazon Accept Virtual Mastercards?

Since virtual cards have become increasingly popular, Amazon now accepts Mastercard as a virtual card.

In order to save the information, shoppers can follow the same steps as adding a physical card to their account.

Does Amazon Accept Prepaid MasterCard Gift Cards?

Amazon does accept prepaid, debit, or gift cards from banks that Visa or MasterCard has accredited.

Can I Use Multiple Credit Cards at Once on Amazon?

When ordering on Amazon, only one credit card per purchase is allowed. However, shoppers can combine EBT and gift cards with their credit or debit payments.

Is Credit Card Information Safe and Secure on Amazon?

Is Credit Card Information Safe and Secure on Amazon?

Since Amazon is a secure site, and is are constantly updating security, customers can safely shop.

In addition, Amazon also offers payment protection if your card is ever charged without authorization.

With that being said, shoppers can rest assured that their credit information is safe when using Amazon!

How Can I Add or Edit Credit Card Information on Amazon?

Shoppers can add or edit their credit and debit card information associated with their Amazon account at any time on the website.

Simply follow these steps to add or edit your credit and debit card information on the Amazon website:

  1. After pulling up, sign in to your account.
  2. Next, scroll down to the “Your Account” section on the homepage.
  3. In this section, click “Your Payments.”
  4. On the “Amazon Wallet page,” shoppers can change any of the following information for the cards that are listed:
    1. Name on card
    2. Expiration date
    3. Billing address
  5. Select the card you would like to change to edit card information.
  6. Enter the correct information.
  7. Finally, to confirm the changes, click “Save.”

When shoppers want to add a credit card, click on the “Add” link.

  1. Next, select the type of card (FSA/HSA, credit/debit, or EBT).
  2. Enter the following information
    1. Name on the card
    2. Card number
    3. Expiration date
  3. Click “Save” to finalize.

How Can I Resolve a Declined Mastercard Payment on Amazon?

Unfortunately, Mastercard cannot provide Amazon with any information as to why a payment was declined.

Instead, shoppers will need to contact Mastercard directly for help resolving the issue.

Whenever Mastercard customers have any issues related to their card, they can speak to a customer service representative 24/7.

In the US, customers can call 1-800-MasterCard (1-800-627-8372).  Likewise,  international customers can call the following collect number: 1-636-722-7111. 

If you feel your Mastercard payment was declined in error, you can try the following steps to resubmit your payment:

  1. First, open “Your Orders.” 
  2. Next, shoppers must try one of the following options: 
  • Option 1: Select a different payment method, as follows: 
    • First, click “Change Payment Method” next to the order you want to modify. 
    • Next, enter another saved payment method from your account, add a new card number, and click “Confirm.”
    • Finally, select “Retry Payment Method” to submit the order. 
  • Option 2: Retry with purchase with the current card by selecting “Retry Payment Method” and submitting the order.

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If you are ordering from a third-party seller on Amazon, payments may be restricted only to accept Visa or Mastercard for payment.

However, if you are ordering from, then Amazon accepts MasterCard and other major credit cards for payment. In addition, shoppers can use Mastercard prepaid, debit, and gift cards for purchases on Amazon.

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