Does AutoZone Drug Test? (All You Need To Know)

When recruiting employees, it’s common practice for employers to drug test new hires; therefore, it’s advisable to know the company’s drug policy.

If you’re applying for a job at AutoZone, will you be drug tested? What’s AutoZone’s policy on drug tests? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Does AutoZone Drug Test In 2024?

AutoZone does not drug test most of its new hires in most states in 2024. However, new employees undergo these tests in some branches if they deem it necessary. AutoZone will also conduct random drug tests if they suspect you of drug abuse. In addition, if you’re involved in an accident when working, you will have to be tested.

For more information about the drug policy at AutoZone, who gets tested, what method they use, and what the company looks for, keep on reading for more facts!

Does AutoZone Test New Employees?

According to most current and past AutoZone employees, new hires are not tested for drugs because it would cost them money. Therefore, they didn’t have to go through a pre-employment screening process.

However, in some states, AutoZone employees say drug tests are conducted, especially if you’re hired for safety-sensitive positions such as a delivery driver.

Therefore, despite the state you’re applying to work in, it’s advisable to keep a clean record in case AutoZone needs to drug test you. It would also help to ask someone who already works there or a past employee.

Does AutoZone Perform Mouth Swab or Urine Drug Tests?

AutoZone conducts both urine and mouth swab drug tests for random and pre-employment tests.

For employees in the transportation department, AutoZone performs mouth swab tests as per the DOT guidelines. These regulations govern anyone driving a commercial motor vehicle.

On the other hand, if your supervisor suspects you of drug use, you’ll be required to undergo a random urine drug test to confirm whether you’re clean.

How Far Back Will the Drug Tests Go?

Mouth swabs and urine tests have different detection times. On one hand, mouth swab tests are not the most reliable because they only go back 48 hours.

Additionally, depending on the frequency of use, they might only detect if someone has used drugs in the past hour or 12 hours.

On the other hand, urine tests will detect the drugs for a longer period. For instance, for marijuana, the detection time for single use is 3 days, moderate use is 5-7 days, and heavy use is more than 30 days.

Furthermore, a urine test will detect a drug such as PCP if it was used 8 days ago and long-acting benzodiazepines for 30 days. A

utoZone relies on these urine tests if they suspect an employee is working while high or after an accident.

Does AutoZone Drug Test Randomly?

AutoZone conducts random drug tests if they suspect that an employee is high. This is part of the company’s policy to ensure that its employees serve customers while sober.

In addition, these tests will be mostly done for drivers to ensure their safety.

What Do AutoZone Drug Tests Look For?

What Do AutoZone Drug Tests Look For?

AutoZone’s drug test is usually meant for specific drugs, meaning you need to know what the company looks out for.

In most AutoZone drug tests, your employer will look for marijuana, PCP, opiates, cocaine, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and amphetamines, and  if you are using any of these drugs, you’ll fail the drug test.

AutoZone abides by the Medical Marijuana (MMJ) federal and state laws, and will perform the tests based on these laws.

How Long Does It Take to Get AutoZone Drug Test Results?

Urine tests have the fastest turnaround time, so you can get the results in one 1-2 days after submitting the specimen.

These tests are the most common at AutoZone because they’re recommended by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

If you need additional testing, the results might take an extra one or two days. However, this will also vary depending on how busy the laboratory is and whether the sample is positive or not.

In general, positive results take longer because they require further testing to get a conclusive result.

Does AutoZone Test After a Work Accident?

According to current and past AutoZone employees, you’ll be drug tested if you’re involved in a work-related accident, which is done to justify a worker’s compensation claim.

Therefore, if AutoZone finds out that the employee was under drug influence during the time of the accident, the compensation will be denied. Additionally, AutoZone might also fire the employee for failing the drug test.

Can AutoZone Drug Test Based on Suspicion?

If your supervisor at AutoZone suspects an employee is on drugs, they have the right to drug test you to verify that you’re not working under the influence.

Once drug use is suspected, AutoZone will request for a mouth swab or more accurate urine test, which can detect drug use for extended periods. If you fail these drug tests, you might lose your job position.

What Happens If You Fail the AutoZone Drug Test?

Once you fail your drug test, you’re less likely to continue working at AutoZone, and the company would not confirm the new position if you were up for a promotion.

For states that drug test new hires as part of the pre-employment policy, you won’t be offered the job. As well, when you fail, you can’t reapply for a job at AutoZone for some time.

While there’s no explicit company policy on when you can reapply for a job at AutoZone, you can try your luck after six months.

However, AutoZone might not rehire you after a failed drug test in some locations. This will happen mostly in jobs that are safety-sensitive such as delivery drivers.

AutoZone fires employees who fail a drug test because they’re a liability and are a risk to their customers.

Therefore, if you’re looking to work here or are already employed, it’s better to avoid restricted drugs while on the job.

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AutoZone has a drug testing policy, but it does not test new hires in every state. However, AutoZone conducts random tests if an employee is suspected of working while under the influence.

Employees in departments such as transportation are subjected to drug tests according to the state laws since their jobs are safety-sensitive.

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