Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay? (Your Full Guide)

When shopping for products such as car parts, the mode of payment is an essential factor for most customers. AutoZone allows customers to shop both in-store and online via the company website, but does AutoZone accept Apple Pay? Keep reading to find out!

Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay In 2024?

AutoZone takes Apple Pay at some of its store locations in 2024. However, this payment method is not available for online purchases made via the company website. If you prefer shopping online, you can use other methods such as credit and debit cards or PayPal. Additionally, you can pay via cash if you shop in-store.

Read on to learn more about AutoZone, Apple Pay, and other payment methods accepted at the store!

How Can You Know If the AutoZone Store Accepts Apple Pay?

Although Apple Pay is accepted at AutoZone, it might not be available at some stores. Therefore, if you don’t see Apple Pay at the checkout, you can ask a sales representative whether the store uses this payment method.

Additionally, depending on your location, you can use the Apple Maps App to confirm whether the AutoZone store in your area takes Apple Pay.

With this app, you can know whether the AutoZone shop takes this payment method if it has the logo. However, if the store does not have this service, you can use other methods such as cash, debit, or credit cards.

How Do You Use Apple Pay at AutoZone?

Once you confirm that the AutoZone store has Apple Pay, you can enable the app on your phone to process the transactions by holding the phone next to the contactless card reader.

To make the checking out process easier, ensure that you complete your phone setup before coming to the store, as the setup takes some time to complete.

Note that you’ll need to add your shipping and payment details when setting up Apple Pay.

Additionally, AutoZone representatives can show you the right steps to follow when paying for your products via Apple Pay. You can also use this tutorial on how to use Apple Pay when shopping at stores like AutoZone.

Can I Get Cashback When Using Apple Pay at AutoZone?

Customers who use Apple Pay at AutoZone are eligible for cashbacks when shopping for auto parts. To confirm the exact cashback, you can check the exact terms and conditions listed on the Apple website.

For regular shoppers at AutoZone, using Apple Pay adds more cashbacks on every transaction, which you can use to order more automotive parts.

What Are the Benefits of Using Apple Pay at AutoZone?

What Are the Benefits of Using Apple Pay at AutoZone?

AutoZone accepts payments via Apple Pay because of the following benefits:

1. Speeds up Transactions

With Apple Pay, AutoZone can speed up the check-out lines, as the customers simply need to scan their phones to the contactless card reader. This reduces the time spent using credit cards and cash.

Additionally, you can add any discounts on your debit cards to your Apple Pay and use that to pay for products at AutoZone. AutoZone stores can efficiently manage transactions and serve more customers with this payment method.

2. Highly Secure

AutoZone customers can enjoy secure payments because Apple Pay is quite secure. Additionally, customers don’t have to carry several debit and credit cards or cash when shopping for automotive parts.

3. Easy to Set Up

When shopping, customers prefer using a method that’s easy to set up and access. Fortunately, Apple Pay is quite direct, so AutoZone customers can quickly register and input their details.

4. Faster Reconciliation

AutoZone can reconcile its funds much quicker when customers use Apple Pay for transactions compared to traditional payment methods. This is important, especially for AutoZone stores with lots of daily customers.

5. More Customers

In recent times, more customers prefer making mobile payments, making them more attracted to businesses that accept payments from platforms such as Apple Pay. AutoZone can cater to more clients who don’t use cards or cash for in-store shopping.

What Other Payment Methods Does AutoZone Accept?

When shopping at AutoZone, you can use Apple Pay only in-store but not for online payments.

AutoZone accepts PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards from its customers.

You can use these payment methods when shopping online from the website. In addition, you can also use cash when paying for products at the physical stores.

According to the AutoZone website, when shopping online, the company doesn’t accept debit cards without the Visa or Mastercard logos, personal checks, or EBT cards.

Furthermore, you can also shop using the AutoZone Gift cards and the AutoZone Loyalty Rewards. These gift cards are available at all AutoZone stores and can also be purchased online using debit and credit cards.

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AutoZone allows its customers to use this form of payment when shopping at their stores. As the digital wallet movement increases, more customers prefer using secure payments; therefore, Apple Pay comes in handy.

However, Apple Pay is not available in all the AutoZone stores. Therefore, if you plan to use this method, you can ask the shop representatives whether the service is available or check using the Apple Maps App.

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