Does AutoZone Turn Rotors? (All You Need to Know)

Rotors play an important role in a car, especially in braking and ensuring maximum safety on the road; therefore, they need to be well maintained.

One of the ways to maintain rotors is by turning them. If you need this service for your car, can AutoZone do it for you? Here’s all you need to know!

Does AutoZone Turn Rotors In [currentyear]?

Unfortunately, AutoZone does not turn rotors in [currentyear]. AutoZone will also not resurface rotors or replace them. However, the company does sell parts that you may need to service your rotors and brakes. In addition, associates will provide tips that you can use to change your own brake pads and rotors, which a skilled DIY hobbyist can easily do.

For more information about why AutoZone does not turn rotors, and where you can get this service, keep on reading for more useful facts!

Why Does AutoZone Not Turn Rotors?

Here are some reasons why AutoZone will not turn your rotors for you:

It’s Time Consuming

Turning a rotor takes a couple of hours; therefore, you’ll need dedicated staff to complete the task.

Therefore, to avoid taking too much time on the process, AutoZone staff would rather sell you the necessary parts for you to do the turning yourself.

AutoZone Is an Auto Shop

AutoZone is an auto shop, but specializes in selling parts and accessories. Therefore, if you need the rotor turning service, you can get it done at another retailer or at your local mechanic.

How Will AutoZone Help You Turn Your Rotors?

Now that we’ve established that AutoZone does not turn your rotors, how can store associates help their customers who need this service? Here are some of the ways:

Online Tips

Whether you need to replace your brake pads and rotors or turn the rotors, AutoZone provides a set of tips on the website that you can use.

With this information, you will know when to change your rotors and the signs to look out for.

Quality Parts

Instead of turning the rotors for you, AutoZone offers quality brake pads and other accessories you might need for the safety and performance of your car.

You can shop the brake rotors you need from the website, or visit your nearest AutoZone store to get quality products.

Can You Turn Rotors Yourself?

Changing and resurfacing your own brake pads is an excellent way to save on money spent on brake replacement.

Turning rotors is a straightforward task; therefore, you can do it yourself if you are a moderately skilled DIYer.

After you buy the parts from AutoZone, you can follow the simple steps provided on the website to complete this task.

However, if you are unsure of how to go about it, it’s better to go to a mechanic or an auto retailer that provides this service.

How Often Should You Replace Your Rotors?

It’s not usually easy to detect damaged brake rotors. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your car, it’s advisable to replace the rotors when you change the brake pads.

In addition, there’s no limit for how many times you should turn the rotors. You should turn the rotor as long it doesn’t exceed the minimum thickness.

If you don’t turn your rotors, you will have reduced braking ability, which also wears out your brake pads faster.

What Are Signs That You Need to Turn or Change Your Rotors?

What Are Signs That You Need to Turn or Change Your Rotors? AutoZone

Although it might be hard to detect damaged rotors, here are some of the signs to look out for:

Hot Spots

If your rotors are too hot, they might end up cracking. When this happens, the driver can feel the hot spots when braking.


If the brakes are squealing or grinding abnormally, this might be due to rust. When you have rust, this can weaken the rotors and brakes in the long run.

Deep Grooves

If your rotors have deep grooves, there will be limited contact area for your pads, reducing braking performance. When this happens, you need to turn your rotors.

How Much Does It Cost to Turn Rotors?

On average, to turn your rotors, you’ll need to pay about $15 to $25 per rotor. However, this cost might vary depending on where you get the service done.

In addition, you need to factor in the cost of rotors, which go for about $40 to $100 at AutoZone.

Which Other Stores Can Turn Rotors?

If you need to turn your rotors, you can go to these stores:

Jiffy Lube

Some Jiffy Lube locations provide brake services; therefore, you need to confirm with your nearest store first.

Jiffy Lube offers several services, including brake replacement, turning, brake fluid exchange, and brake inspection.

Pep Boys

Pep Boys offers services that include brake inspection, brake fluid exchange, drum and rotor resurfacing, brake pad replacement, and hardware replacement.

Therefore, you can get this service from one of the Pep Boys stores.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Not all O’Reilly locations will turn your rotors or brake services, but most of them will offer resurfacing services if you have wear and tear.

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AutoZone does not turn rotors. In addition, AutoZone will also not resurface rotors or replace them. However, these stores do sell parts that you may need to service your rotors and brakes.

Additionally, they provide tips that you can use to change your own brake pads and rotors, which a skilled DIYer can easily do.

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