Does Big Lots Have Furniture Sales? (Full Guide)

While shopping for furniture at Big Lots is not as much a splurge as in some other stores, a furniture sale is still welcome news.

Therefore, read on if you are curious about when furniture sales go up at Big Lots and how best to take advantage of it!

Does Big Lots Have Furniture Sales In [currentyear]?

Big Lots offers furniture sales to its customers regularly in [currentyear]. Some of these offers follow set times and can be anticipated, while others are in response to special occasions and are harder to predict. However, Big Lots publishes the news of these sales through various media platforms and notifies its Reward members via email.

Keep reading to get conversant with more details about Big Lots furniture sales offers, when and where they occur, and how you can know about them!

Does Big Lots Furniture Ever Go on Sale?

Big Lots furniture goes on sale many times in the year. The retailer is committed to offering its products at competitively low prices, giving its furniture shoppers several opportunities to buy on sale.

How Often Does Big Lots Have Furniture Sales?

Big Lots offers its furniture sale several times in the year. For instance, the company hosts the Big Lots Friends and Family events in January, April, July, and October.

Many Big Lots products, including furniture, go up on sale at a 20% discount during this period.

Besides the Friends and Family event, Big Lots offers its furniture seasonally to take advantage of the increased spending to attract more customers.

Therefore, you can look out for furniture sales during shopping sprees like Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

How Will I Know About the Big Lots Furniture Sale?

Big Lots advertises its anticipated furniture sales on various media, especially its website, stores, and social media accounts.

So, if you’re active in the Big Lots communities on social media, you should never miss a furniture sale!

Also, if you’re a Big Lots Reward member, the retailer will send you an email to alert you to any furniture sales offers that might be due soon.

Big Lots puts out the word on the Wednesday before the Big Lots Friends and Family event to let people know when it’s due.

Can I Use My Big Rewards to Purchase Big Lots Furniture on Sale?

Can I Use My Big Rewards to Purchase Big Lots Furniture on Sale?

You can use your Big Rewards to purchase furniture on sale and many other items at Big Lots.

Does Price Hold Apply to Big Lots Furniture Sales?

Typically, Big Lots can agree to hold an out-of-stock item for you at the current price until it’s restocked, as long as you put down a deposit.

Therefore, you can contact Big Lots customer care at 1(866)244-5687 to find out whether the Big Lots price hold program includes furniture on sale.

How Can I Finance My Big Lots Furniture Sales Purchases?

Unless otherwise indicated, you can finance your Big Lots furniture sales purchase using your credit card, checks or money order.

Further, you can use your Big Lots coupons, Rewards, and gift cards to finance your furniture sales buys.

When Are Big Lots Furniture Sales Most Likely to Occur?

If you can predict when a Big Lots furniture sale will happen, you can prepare for it and get the best.

Here are ways to predict when furniture sales are likely at Big Lots:

  • Keep an eye out for Big Lots adverts for upcoming sales on furniture. These will appear on its website, social media accounts, and stores. If you are a Big Rewards member, you will be notified by email.
  • Big Lots are often likely to offer furniture sales around the holiday weekends. Watch out for Christmas, Black Friday, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, and President’s day.
  • You can tell when a Big Lots furniture sale is about to come up when you see its competitors put up furniture sales in a bid to compete for customers.
  • Savvy shoppers know they can always get Big Lots furniture sales with deft timing. The key is to time clearance sales just before the onset of a new season when Big Lots wants to make space to restock.
  • The season for indoor furniture picks up in February and August.
  • Big Lots tries to clear out the prior season’s stock to make space for the new stock.
  • January and July are good months to capitalize on Big Lots indoor furniture sales.
  • Outdoor furniture comes in season and is in demand from February. Therefore, you should buy when demand slackens, as the season wears on and towards the year’s end during clearance.
  • Office and school furniture are also best bought out of season when the demand has reduced, and there is a need to clear old stock.

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Big Lots furniture sales offer an excellent opportunity to extend your home improvement budget. You get great furniture at very affordable prices, and also, the difference is often big enough to pick up an extra item to complement your purchase.

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