Does Chewy Accept Care Credit? (All You Need to Know)

As a retailer that accepts many forms of credit, Chewy is itself becoming popular with consumers.

So, if you’re wondering whether Care Credit is one of the payment options accepted at Chewy, we looked into the subject, and have the answers below!

Does Chewy Accept Care Credit In 2024?

Chewy doesn’t accept Care Credit in 2024. This is likely because the company has very few products that are related to healthcare, on top of only being an online business. However, there’s a chance that Chewy might accept Care Credit in the future, but until then, you can use it at stores like Petco, but only in certain situations.

Read on to learn all you need to know about Care Credit and Chewy, including more details on why the company doesn’t take it now but could in the future, some alternatives you can look into in the meantime, and more!

Why Doesn’t Chewy Accept Care Credit?

Unfortunately, Chewy has not given a definitive reason why it doesn’t accept Care Credit, but it’s very likely because the company is limited in its healthcare offerings.

Most retailers that also accept Care Credit as a form of payment have several products and services related to healthcare, even if it isn’t their primary focus.

Chewy is also a purely online business and, although you can use the method on its partners’ websites, Care Credit seems to favor companies that also have physical locations.

As of now, Chewy offers medication for animals, so we can’t completely rule out the possibility that it could expand this part of the business and accept Care Credit in the future.

In fact, we found a tweet from the official Chewy Twitter account that somewhat hints at this possibility.

In response to a customer asking if they accept Care Credit, Chewy replied that it currently doesn’t but that it could have more options in the future.

This September 2021 tweet is very different from another one from July 2018 that was less encouraging about a chance that Chewy could ever accept Care Credit.

What Is Care Credit Used For?

Care Credit is used for making payments related to healthcare so, if you can think of it, it’s probably covered under the payment option.

According to the company website, you can use Care Credit for hearing care, LASIK, dental care, cosmetic surgery, and vet services.

In the context of this article’s subject, Care Credit has a special provision for pets that covers routine, surgical, and emergency procedures.

Care Credit for pets can be used to pay for the following routine procedures:

  1. Pet food and nutrition
  2. Microchipping
  3. Vaccinations
  4. Dog chemotherapy
  5. Dealing with chronic pet conditions and illnesses
  6. Diagnostics
  7. Medication
  8. Rehab
  9. Dermatology
  10. Parasites
  11. Teeth cleaning
  12. Annual check-ups

You can also pay for the following surgical and emergency procedures using Care Credit for pets:

  1. Hip dysplasia surgery
  2. Spaying and neutering
  3. Most surgery
  4. Emergency services

Where Can I Use Care Credit for Pet Products?

Where Can I Use Care Credit for Pet Products?

As stated in the previous section, you can use Care Credit in several partner locations that offer healthcare related products and services.

Certain retailers like Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Walgreens with offerings that fall under this category also take Care Credit.

For pets, you can use Care Credit at the following places:

1. Petco

You can use Care Credit at Petco, but only at physical stores with a vet and only to pay for your pet’s healthcare.

Certain Petco stores use the following vets:

  1. Vetco clinics
  2. Vetco Total Care
  3. Global Veterinary Partners (GVP)
  4. VetnCare
  5. THRIVE Affordable Vet Care

These partners provide a variety of vet services in select Petco stores that you could pay for using Care Credit, including:

  1. Wellness and sick exams
  2. Vaccinations
  3. Dental care
  4. Surgeries
  5. Pest and parasite testing and prevention
  6. Spaying and neutering
  7. Microchipping
  8. Digestive care
  9. Dermatology
  10. Prescription fulfillment

2. PetSmart

Like Petco, PetSmart has also partnered with vets that provide certain pet healthcare services at some of its stores that you can pay for using Care Credit.

In this case, PetSmart uses its partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital to provide vet services at select locations.

Banfield’s general services include:

  1. Behavior evaluation
  2. Coat and skin care treatment
  3. Comprehensive exams
  4. Gastrointestinal illness diagnosis and treatment
  5. Nutrition advice
  6. Orthopedic evaluation and treatment
  7. Parasite control
  8. Vaccinations

PetSmart also offers x-rays and lab diagnostics, as well as surgical procedures such as dentistry, spaying, and neutering.

Other services include end of life care, exotic pet care, medical grooming, a pharmacy, and microchipping.

3. Local Vets

If you have a vet that you go to regularly, they probably take Care Credit, so you should ask them about it when you take your pet in for a checkup.

You can also use Care Credit’s search function to find vets in your area that have partnered with them to accept the payment method.

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Unfortunately, Chewy currently doesn’t accept Care Credit, but there is a slight possibility that it might in the future, because Chewy alreadys sell some healthcare products. Care Credit primarily focuses on paying for healthcare, and has a separate coverage option for pets.

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