Does Chewy Price Match? (All You Need to Know)

Since emerging as one of the biggest players in the segment of retailers focused on pet supplies, Chewy has attracted several new customers.

So, to keep this going, Chewy would need to provide incentives that draw more people in and, if you’re wondering whether the company has a price matching policy for this reason, read on!

Does Chewy Price Match In 2024?

Unfortunately, Chewy does not price match in 2024. Instead, it focuses on providing savings in other ways such as discounts and promo codes. In the pet retail segment, Chewy’s direct competitors like Petco and PetSmart price match at their stores and online. Chewy’s indirect competitors like Walmart and Target also have price matching policies.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about price matching and Chewy, including alternative ways to save money at the retailer, other similar places with price matching policies, and more!

Why Doesn’t Chewy Price Match?

Chewy does not price match because it has decided to focus on other ways to draw customers in, especially through discounts and promo codes.

How to Save Money at Chewy

Aside from the aforementioned discounts and promo codes, you can save money at Chewy without a price matching policy if you use the following strategies:

  1. Free shipping – Chewy offers free shipping on orders above $49. This applies to all items you buy and isn’t limited to only certain types of products so you can make bulk purchases when you’re on the site and get the most out of it
  2. Autoship – Autoship is Chewy’s automatic delivery service where you can set up shipping for items you get regularly, such as bags of pet food or medication. Autoship gives you a significant discount on your first purchase, and the deliveries that follow are also at a reduced cost from what you would pay if you bought it as usual
  3. Return policy – Chewy has a generous return policy that lets you return items up to 365 days after you bought them, meaning you can get something and try it out long enough to know if it’s the right pick for you without having to fully commit
  4. Manufacturer coupons – Chewy accepts manufacturer coupons, and you can use them by mailing the original valid copy in along with your details

Which Stores Price Match Instead of Chewy?

Which Stores Price Match Instead of Chewy?

You can also shop at the following Chewy competitors if you really want to use price matching instead of the techniques mentioned above:

1. Petco

Petco will price match Chewy on its website. Chewy is actually one of only a few competitors that Petco will price match, alongside the following:


Aside from these retailers, Petco stores will price match any competitors for identical items that its stores also stock.

Petco’s price matching policy is limited only to items that are available to everyone, meaning that it doesn’t accept prices that are only obtainable as part of a subscription or membership program.

Petco also won’t match prices that aren’t the original, i.e. nothing that’s marked down in a discount, promotion, sale, etc. Petco also doesn’t price match animals at Petco.

You can get sale prices from matched at its stores, but not ones that are discounted due to Petco’s Repeat Delivery program.

2. PetSmart

PetSmart will price match Chewy on its website.

PetSmart will also match the prices in any competitor’s store at its physical locations and most competitors’ websites on its own online platform.

PetSmart will not match prices from Amazon, eBay, or other auction sites and clearance or discount sites.

Like Petco, PetSmart also doesn’t match prices that are part of a discount, clearance sale, a BOGO deal, and other similarly marked-down prices.

You will need to provide evidence for the price you want to be matched through an ad, receipt, and more. PetSmart doesn’t currently price match animals.

PetSmart also price matches its own website at store locations.

3. Petland

Although it isn’t as big as Petco or PetSmart, Petland is a large retailer with a similar business model, focusing on live pets, as well as pet supplies and accessories.

Petland has a less comprehensive price matching model, but most of its stores will match the prices of local competitors. This only applies to dry goods, not live animals.

4. Walmart

Walmart sells pet supplies and accessories and has a price matching policy in place. However, it’s very limited in the following ways:

  1. It’s only available in the U.S. but not in Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico
  2. Only match prices listed on the Walmart website, no competitors
  3. Doesn’t match prices that are available during special occasions like Black Friday
  4. Doesn’t match prices from other Walmart stores
  5. Price matching is not guaranteed because the manager on duty decides whether or not to accept it

5. Target

Target also has a price matching policy in place and sells pet accessories and supplies.

Target matches a small handful of competitor websites, including,, and

Target stores also match the prices of local competitors’ print ads.

If you buy an item from Target and find it at a qualifying retailer for a lower price within 14 days, you can go back and have the store make the adjustment.

Like other stores, Target doesn’t accept marked-down prices for matching.

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Unfortunately, Chewy does not offer price matching. Instead, the company has opted to focus on other ways to draw customers, including promo codes and discounts.

You can save money at Chewy by using the free shipping you get for orders over $49, Autoship, the 365-day return policy, and manufacturer coupons.

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