Does CVS Have Western Union? (Try This Instead)

As one of America’s leading retail and pharmacy stores, CVS has become popular for offering a wide range of convenience services to customers, including in-store monetary services for easy transactions.

However, what if you want to use Western Union to send or receive a payment? Does CVS have an in-store Western Union kiosk for customers? Here is what I’ve discovered about this through my research!

Does CVS Have Western Union?

Unfortunately, CVS does not offer Western Union in its stores. However, CVS does have MoneyGram to allow customers to send and receive money and complete money orders with ease. Other retailers that do have Western Union in-store include Walmart, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.

If you want to learn more about why CVS does not have Western Union, which retailers do offer Western Union services to customers in-store, and how much it costs to use Western Union, keep on reading!

Why Does CVS Not Have Western Union?

Western Union is one of the largest money-sending companies, with MoneyGram as a close competitor and rival.

CVS offering MoneyGram to its customers in-store is likely the major reason that it is not able to provide Western Union to its customers.

However, CVS still offers a range of services using MoneyGram that are similar to those offered by Western Union, so customers can still send and receive money, just through a different supplier.

What is the Difference Between MoneyGram and Western Union?

Despite some online confusion, Western Union and MoneyGram are not the same company and instead are direct competitors.

The central difference between the two is that Western Union is the larger company.

However, MoneyGram rivals Western Union by offering similar prices for its services and has largely built its reputation by offering cheap international money transfers.

Additionally, both MoneyGram and Western Union cost various fees to complete money services and send money around the globe. For example, at Western Union, it can be $0.99 to transfer bank-to-bank.

The drawback of using both Western Union and MoneyGram is that money can only be sent during the open hours of the respective retailers where their services are available.

For instance, customers can only access MoneyGram at CVS while the store is open, which can be done at the counter or via the MoneyGram kiosk.

How Much Does Western Union Cost?

How Much Does Western Union Cost?

Western Union has varying prices for its services. For example, if you pay $200 in cash and the receiver collects the amount in cash, Western Union will charge you around $12.50 for the service.

Generally, Western Union charges around $11 to send cash, but it can waver depending on how much money you would like to send and where you would like to send it.

The prices for Western Union services can be found online, so you can check how much your money service will cost before you make the trip to the store.

Which Retailers Have Western Union?

A number of retailers are able to provide Western Union in their stores, including Walmart, Walgreens, Duane Reade, and Rite Aid.

To find Western Union locations close to you, the Western Union website offers a search engine to help you find your closest participating retailer.

How Do I Receive Western Union Money Transfer?

You can receive money from a Western Union transfer from any nearby agent location.

To collect your money, you will require a form of government ID and relevant information pertaining to your Western Union money transfer.

These include your tracking number, the sender’s name and country, and the transfer amount you are wishing to collect from Western Union.

To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on whether or not Walgreens, Target, and Safeway offer Western Union services.


CVS is unable to offer Western Union services in its stores; however, it does offer MoneyGram services which are quite similar to those offered by Western Union and include money orders as well.

You can visit other retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, and Rite Aid to use Western Union to send or receive money across locations.

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