Does CVS Sell eBay Gift Cards? (All You Need To Know)

eBay is known for selling a huge selection of low-priced electronics, clothes, collectibles, car parts, and other items, making eBay gift cards an ideal choice to give someone on a special occasion.

Since CVS is known for stocking a variety of third-party gift cards, you may be wondering if you can find eBay gift cards at your local CVS. Here is what I’ve found out about this through my research!

Does CVS Sell eBay Gift Cards? 

CVS does sell eBay gift cards in its physical stores only. However, availability for eBay gift cards can vary from each store, so it is recommended to call your local CVS before visiting. Other retailers that sell eBay gift cards include Walgreens, Aldi, and Target.

If you want to learn more about where to find eBay gift cards inside a CVS store, whether you can return an eBay gift card to CVS, and much more, keep on reading!

Which CVS Stores Sell eBay Gift Cards?

All CVS stores should stock eBay gift cards as part of their extensive gift card range. However, stocks may depend on location, availability in that location, and the size of the store.

You can always call your local CVS store ahead of your visit to find out if they have any eBay gift cards in stock. 

Where Can I Find eBay Gift Cards in CVS stores? 

eBay gift cards will be stocked alongside the other gift cards offered by your local CVS in the gift card selection, which is usually located next to the cash register or at an aisle end.

Note that some CVS stores move the gift card selection into a more prominent position during the holiday season.

If you are unable to find the gift card rack, you can always ask an employee to guide you toward it.

Can I Buy eBay Gift Cards Online At 

Can I Buy eBay Gift Cards Online At 

CVS does not offer any third-party gift cards online at Instead, you can only purchase CVS Pharmacy gift cards online based on a variety of programs.

For example, if you want to buy CVS pharmacy gift cards for your company, CVS offers a complete gift card program for corporate customers.

Can I Return An eBay Gift Card To CVS?

CVS does not accept returns of gift cards or prepaid cards except in exceptional circumstances when it is required by law.

Even if gift cards are in perfect condition, they cannot be returned to CVS, regardless of whether they are eBay gift cards or any other ones.

What Other Stores Sell eBay Gift Cards?

Don’t worry if your local CVS does not sell eBay gift cards because a number of other US retailers offer eBay gift cards in their product range.

Take a look below to find other stores where you can purchase eBay gift cards:

  • Aldi 
  • Walgreens 
  • Target 
  • Smith’s 
  • Michaels 
  • Family Dollar 

What Other Gift Cards Does CVS Stock? 

CVS stocks a wide range of gift cards from a number of retailers, including department stores, electronics stores, restaurants, gaming gift cards, and clothing stores. 

Along with gift cards, CVS also stocks prepaid cards from providers such as American Express and PayPal. Note that prepaid cards come with an additional fee when purchased at CVS stores.

To learn more about other stores, you can also see our related posts on whether or not Walmart sells eBay gift cards, if CVS sells Walmart gift cards, and if CVS sells Target gift cards.


CVS stocks eBay gift cards among its large range of gift cards. You will usually find the gift card selection near a cash register, though this may vary across stores, especially during the holiday season.

You cannot purchase eBay gift cards online at, and CVS will not accept returns of eBay gift cards. If your local CVS does not offer eBay gift cards, or they have run out, you can visit a number of other retailers such as Walgreens, Target, and Aldi. 

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