Does CVS Sell Flowers? (Types, Prices, Locations + More) 

When it comes to finding fresh flowers outside of a florist or grocery store, your options can sometimes be limited. Luckily, many leading pharmacy stores have also started selling a wide range of flowers.

So if you’re in need of some fresh flowers and live close to a CVS pharmacy store, you may be wondering – does CVS sell flowers? Here is what I’ve found out through my research!

Does CVS Sell Flowers?

CVS sells a variety of flowers including single blooms, bouquets, and larger arrangements at most of its stores, although the variety differs across stores. While CVS sells flowers year-round, its spring and summer collections are more abundant, particularly around holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter.

If you want to learn more about the types of flowers sold at CVS, whether CVS sells flowers online at, and how much do flowers cost, then keep on reading!

Can You Buy Fresh Flowers At CVS?

You can purchase fresh flowers and bouquets of flowers at most CVS locations, but the type and variety of flowers may differ between stores, depending on local availability and stock.

Note that if you have a specific type of flower in mind, make sure to phone ahead and ensure your local CVS has them in stock and fresh.

Use the CVS store finder to get the contact information for your closest CVS location along with other information like open hours, etc.

What Types of Flowers Does CVS Sell?

You can find most of the popular, long-lasting flower types at CVS, including chrysanthemums, carnations, and tulips.

However, CVS stores typically do not stock delicate blooms like orchids, as they require special care.

Some CVS stores stock other types of plants such as succulents and miniature cacti, but it depends on the location.

During holidays such as Easter and Valentine’s Day, CVS sells a variety of holiday-themed arrangements that are filled with fresh flowers. 

Other than that, CVS stores also sell plant food, flower feeder sachets, and other supplements to keep your floral arrangements vibrant and healthy so you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

Additionally, you can often find packages of flower and vegetable seeds for sale at CVS for a more DIY-style floral experience. 

When Can You Buy Flowers At CVS?

When Can You Buy Flowers At CVS? 

You can buy several types of flowers at CVS locations throughout the year.

Although spring and summer are generally the best times to find a wide array of fresh flowers, you can still find some selections during the winter such as poinsettias and other Christmassy plants.

Note that CVS also holds various sales for holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Easter, when you can typically find a greater selection of blooms to purchase.

Can You Buy Flowers Online At CVS?

You can select and purchase flowers and other items such as fresh flowers, flower growth powders, vases, and much more from the CVS website.

CVS relies on the delivery service Instacart to fulfill its online store orders, collecting the products from CVS and bringing them straight to your door.

Customers looking to purchase a small order of flowers from CVS online can opt for Instacart Express’s free trial to avoid delivery fees on their blooms. 

How Much Do Flowers Cost At CVS?

Flowers at CVS will typically cost between $5 and $15 for a simple bouquet, while larger planter arrangements can have up to 20 flowers and might cost upwards of $25.

Some CVS locations also sell single flowers such as roses or carnations at a low cost, particularly if the blooms are on their way out.  

When compared to a typical bunch of flowers from a professional florist, the prices at CVS offer massive savings.

This is especially true if customers take advantage of holiday sales during the spring and summer, notably around Easter, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

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CVS sells a variety of flowers and bouquets at most of its locations across America. For a low price, customers can find a variety of fresh blooms to bring home or to gift.

While CVS can stock flowers and plants year-round, spring and summer sales are typically best for vibrant and healthy blooms. You can also order flowers from CVS online, with delivery completed by Instacart.

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