Does Dairy Queen Have Chocolate Ice Cream? (All You Need to Know)

Dairy Queen is famous for its curly-top cones and tasty blizzards. Soft serve is a staple of the DQ menu, as it is the main ingredient in many popular items.

But you may wonder whether you can get chocolate ice cream at DQ along with the standard vanilla. I was curious about the same thing, so here’s all you need to know about chocolate ice cream at Dairy Queen!

Does Dairy Queen Have Chocolate Ice Cream In [currentyear]?

Some Dairy Queen locations have chocolate soft serve, while others don’t because each Dairy Queen franchise location has menu variations and may decide not to offer chocolate ice cream due to expense or limited space for the extra machine as of [currentyear]. You can add plenty of chocolate ingredients to DQ treats as an alternative.

Keep reading to learn more about chocolate ice cream at Dairy Queen, dipped cones, and more!

Can You Get A Chocolate Ice Cream Cone At Dairy Queen?

At participating locations, you can get a chocolate soft serve cone, not just a vanilla cone dipped in a chocolatey coating.

Unfortunately, not all Dairy Queen locations offer chocolate soft serve since most franchises are individually owned and can choose whether to include particular items on the menu.

Why Don’t All Dairy Queens Have Chocolate Soft Serve?

Dairy Queen locations must have an additional ice cream machine for chocolate soft serve, which comes with extra expense and takes up more space in the kitchen.

Also, each franchisee is allowed to make certain choices regarding the menu and appliances of their Dairy Queen location.

Therefore, the circumstances of each Dairy Queen location vary, meaning while some locations offer chocolate soft serve and chocolate topping for dipped cones, others don’t.

Is Dairy Queen Soft Serve Real Ice Cream?

According to the FDA, since Dairy Queen’s soft serve does not contain 10% butterfat, it cannot be categorized as ice cream. With that, DQ’s soft serve contains only 5% butterfat.

So, rather than refer to it as reduced-fat ice cream, as the FDA does, Dairy Queen has stuck with soft serve as the name for its classic frozen dairy product.

Also, Dairy Queen’s soft serve contains real milk and sugar, so there isn’t too much difference when comparing it with other ice creams.

Does Dairy Queen Have Dipped Ice Cream?

Does Dairy Queen Have Dipped Ice Cream?

Participating locations offer Chocolate and Fruity Blast dipped cones, and some might serve Cherry or Butterscotch dipped cones, although these are not on the official menu.

What Kind Of Cones Does Dairy Queen Have?

Dairy Queen’s vanilla soft serve is the most commonly available option for ice cream cones.

But, some franchise locations may also offer chocolate soft serve and swirled soft serve (a mix of chocolate and vanilla).

Additionally, there is the option for dipped topping at participating locations. However, the DQ menu lists Chocolate and Fruity Blast as its standard dipped flavors.

Further, some locations have even more options for cones, such as Cherry and Butterscotch. As you can see, franchisees can be creative with the kinds of items they offer on the menu.

How Much Is A Dipped Cone From Dairy Queen?

Prices for items at DQ will vary by region and year. However, the estimated prices for a dipped cone at Dairy Queen are as follows:

  • $2.39 for a small
  • $2.79 for a medium
  • $3.19 for a large

Also, if you want to be sure about prices for ice cream cones, try calling your local Dairy Queen to find out the current price for menu items.

What Other Chocolate Items Can I Get At Dairy Queen?

If your local Dairy Queen doesn’t have chocolate soft serve, it’s good to know what other chocolate items you can order instead.

That said, a popular option is the Choco Brownie Xtreme Blizzard. Further, it is made with brownie pieces, choco chunks, and choco fudge mixed into vanilla soft serve.

Also, an easy way to mimic chocolate ice cream in a Blizzard is to order a vanilla blizzard and ask an employee to mix in chocolate fudge.

Moreover, you can order a Royal Blizzard with a fudge center.

Still, another good item to order when you’re craving chocolate is the Chocolate Shake or Malt and the Hot Fudge Shake or Malt.

On top of that, seasonal and limited-time Blizzards often have chocolate ingredients, so be sure to check the current Dairy Queen menu for those options.

Finally, Dairy Queen sells dilly bars, which have a chocolate coating, and hot fudge sundaes; these are great options for chocolate lovers!

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Dairy Queen offers chocolate soft serve in some locations. However, it is not on the company’s official menu, but many locations have decided to offer it using an additional soft serve machine.

Aside from chocolate cones, you can also get chocolate-dipped cones at participating locations.

Moreover, there are many other options for chocolate items at Dairy Queen, even if a location doesn’t have chocolate soft serve.

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