Does Dollar General Do Cash Back? [Limits, Fees, Minimum Purchases + More] 

The American chain retailer Dollar General aims to provide a hassle-free shopping experience to every customer. Its mission is to sell affordable merchandise covering a range of departments.

You can purchase goods with many modern payment methods, but can you get cash back at Dollar General? I have researched all you need to know! 

Does Dollar General Do Cash Back? 

Yes, Dollar General does give cash back for certain credit cards and Visa/MasterCard debit cards. Customers can withdraw a maximum of $40 in one transaction, with a $5 minimum spend. Unlike other stores which offer this service for free, Dollar General charges $1-$2 per cash-back withdrawal.

To find out more about Dollar General’s cash-back policy, read on!

What Is the Cash Back Limit At Dollar General?

$40 is the maximum cashback you can receive at Dollar General. If you wish to receive more than $40, then you must purchase items in separate transactions.

However, your card provider may impose limitations on daily spending and withdrawals, and many Dollar General stores require a minimum purchase of $5-$10 to qualify for cash back.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Cash Back at Dollar General?

$1-$2 is charged per cash-back transaction, which can vary by each store. Some Dollar General locations incur a $2 fee for any cashback amount whereas, others charge $1 for $10 and $1.50 for $30-$40.

Additionally, the minimum spend to get cashback from Dollar General is $5.

Can I Get Cash Back With Credit Cards at Dollar General?

Yes, Discover Credit Card users can receive cash back. You can request cash back at cashiered registers or self-check-outs. with a maximum limit of $120 in a 24-hour period. Discover Credit Card does not charge fees; however, Dollar General store fees may apply.

Credit Card networks such as Mastercard and American Express may impose their own restrictions on cash-over transactions. 

Can I Request Cash Back with Check Purchases at Dollar General?

No, you cannot receive cash back when paying with a check. Dollar General does not facilitate check cashing facilities; therefore, it cannot verify your check for money back.

Where Can I Get $100 Cash Back?

You can receive $100 through 3 different transactions at Dollar General; however, you must pay for store items each time. Other retailers that provide higher cashback limits include; Kroger, Shoppers Food Warehouse, and Ralphs.

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Yes, Dollar General does cash back. You must pay for items to request money back up to $40 when using a Debit Card. Discover Credit Card users can order up to $120 every 24 hours. Checks will not allow you to receive cash back. A fee of $1-$2 will be applied per transaction, location permitting.  

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