Does Dollar General Sell Antifreeze? (All You Need to Know)

When winter sets in, it’s time to make sure that your car is ready to drive in cold weather conditions, meaning getting your battery and tires checked and topping up all fluids.

However, if you’re a handy, do-it-yourself type, you may be wondering if Dollar General sells antifreeze. If you’d like to find out, continue reading to see what I discovered!

Does Dollar General Sell Antifreeze In 2024?

Dollar General does sell antifreeze in one-gallon jugs as of 2024. You can buy PEAK Long Life Antifreeze & Coolant Prediluted or Full Strength Concentrate. Prices are around $10 for one gallon of Prediluted and $15 for one gallon of Full Strength Concentrate Antifreeze & Coolant. However, antifreeze is only available in stores at Dollar General and not from the website. 

To find out more about buying antifreeze at Dollar General, carry on reading for all the information you need below!

Can You Buy Antifreeze at Dollar General?

You can buy antifreeze at Dollar General in one-gallon jugs. However, it’s only available in stores and not online.

What Brands of Antifreeze Does Dollar General Sell?

Dollar General sells PEAK Long Life Antifreeze & Coolant in two concentrations – Prediluted and Full Strength Concentrate.

PEAK Long Life Antifreeze & Coolant is suitable for use in all makes and models of automobiles as well as light-duty trucks and motorcycles.

It can be mixed with any color of antifreeze and coolant and offers 6-year protection for your vehicle.

How Much Does Antifreeze Cost at Dollar General?

How Much Does Antifreeze Cost at Dollar General?

Antifreeze is quite affordable at Dollar General, even for a brand-name product. You can expect to pay between $10 to $15 for a gallon jug.

For an even better price, you can check out the digital coupons at Dollar General to see if your local store has one for antifreeze.

You can use Dollar General digital coupons in stores as well if you electronically clip and store them to your account or in the app.

What Other Automotive Supplies Can You Buy at Dollar General?

When you’re trying to keep your car in good shape without spending a fortune, Dollar General is a good place to shop for basic automotive supplies.

To keep your car running smoothly, you need to keep all fluids topped up. You can find most automotive fluids at Dollar General, such as the following:

  • Steering fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • High mileage motor oil
  • Engine degreaser
  • Automatic transmission fluid
  • Brake parts cleaner
  • Auto starter fluid

Like antifreeze, these automotive fluids are only available in stores and not online at Dollar General.

Other auto supplies you can find at Dollar General include air fresheners, auto cleaning supplies, chargers, and tire patch kits.

What are Precautions to Take With Antifreeze?

When using antifreeze, you must be careful to keep it out of the way of children and pets, because it’s highly toxic if ingested.

Antifreeze is poisonous to humans and animals, and is especially dangerous for dogs and cats, as it has a taste that they find irresistible.

Therefore, it should be stored out of reach and any spills should be carefully cleaned.

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You can buy antifreeze at Dollar General, but it’s only available in-store and not online at

Dollar General carries Peak Long Life Antifreeze & Coolant in Prediluted and Full Strength varieties. You can also buy a number of other automotive supplies at Dollar General to care for your car.

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