Does Domino’s Take Cash? (All You Need To Know)

Domino’s is the second-largest pizza restaurant chain in the world, and many turn to the famous restaurant for pizza, sandwiches, and beyond.

With advances in online ordering methods and streamlined delivery services, many people wonder whether they can use cash to pay for a Domino’s order. We’ve done the research, and here’s what we found!

Does Domino’s Take Cash In 2024?

When ordering for delivery at Domino’s, you almost always have the option to pay with cash in 2024. Domino’s realizes that cash payments are sometimes more convenient and accessible for customers, so the company has made efforts to keep cash payments available. You should be able to pay with cash when picking your order up in-store.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about cash payments at Domino’s!

Does Domino’s Take Cash Despite COVID-19?

Domino’s has COVID protocols for delivery in case of spikes in COVID-19 infections. With that in mind, delivery employees still take cash as payment for your order.

Also, Domino’s has made efforts so you can still order and pay with ease during the pandemic without compromising safety.

How Does Domino’s’ Contactless Delivery Work With Cash?

If your local Domino’s uses contactless delivery, the delivery person will drop off your food at your door, then stand back and wait for you to pick it up.

Once you have the cash payment ready, you can put it in the little box between you and the delivery person.

Then, they will pick it up and give you your change if necessary, and the transaction will be complete.

Also, keep in mind that as of recently, individual Domino’s store policies may have changed concerning contactless delivery, so you may not experience this exact transaction method.

Does The Domino’s App Take Cash?

If you order Domino’s through the app and want to pay with cash for delivery or carry out instead of paying online, you can select your payment type during checkout.

That said, choosing “In-Store” in the case of a pick-up order or “Cash” in the case of a delivery order will allow you to pay in cash when you receive your order.

Does Domino’s Take Cash For All Deliveries?

Most Domino’s locations accept cash payments without restrictions for deliveries.

Additionally, if you are unsure whether a location accepts cash for deliveries, you can call the store’s local number and ask an employee.

Does Domino’s Take Cash In-Store?

When paying in-store for your Domino’s order, you should be able to use cash unless otherwise specified by the Domino’s location.

Further, Domino’s encourages its franchises to accept cash since it is more convenient for many during uncertain financial circumstances.

Why Doesn’t My Local Domino’s Take Cash?

Why Doesn’t My Local Domino’s Take Cash?

In the rare instance that your local Domino’s store doesn’t accept cash for deliveries, this is likely because of the individual franchise owner or operator’s regulations.

That said, Domino’s as a company expects its franchise stores to accept cash as payment to make the transaction convenient for all customers.

However, even if you come across a Domino’s that doesn’t follow these expectations, you can still expect to use cash for deliveries from most other locations.

Do You Need Exact Change When Paying With Cash At Domino’s?

Domino’s Delivery Experts are expected to bring ample cash with them to supply change to the customer at their door.

However, for a smooth and quick transaction, you are encouraged to prepare the exact amount in cash beforehand, tip included.

Do Domino’s Delivery Employees Take Cash Tips?

Yes, Domino’s employees accept cash tips when you receive your order. Also, if you pay online or with cash, you can give your delivery expert a cash tip as a “thank you.”

How Do I Check Whether A Domino’s Location Takes Cash?

If you want to be sure that your local Domino’s accepts cash payments before placing an order, you can use the location finder on the official website to find the store’s phone number.

Once you have the number, you can call the store to ask an employee about their payment policies.

Also, you can visit the Domino’s app or website, add items to your cart, and then proceed to checkout, which will show you if cash is listed as a payment option for the location you selected.

What Other Payment Options Are Available At Domino’s?

Aside from paying with cash in-store and for deliveries, there are a few other payment options at Domino’s.

First, you can download the Domino’s app and pay with debit or credit cards and digital wallets like Apple Pay and PayPal.

Additionally, these methods can be used when ordering on the Domino’s website. Domino’s typically prefers that you order online if you are using a mobile payment method.

Also, you can use debit and credit cards to pay for your order when you pay in-store or over the phone.

Further, Domino’s accepts all banking cards from any American bank or credit union. 

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When ordering at Domino’s, you can use cash as a form of payment for most franchises across the globe. To do so, select “Cash” as your payment on the Domino’s App or website.

Another option for paying with cash is picking your order up in-store. To be sure of your local Domino’s payment policies, you can call the store’s number and ask an employee

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