Does DoorDash Send You A W2? (All You Need To Know)

DoorDash allows its delivery drivers to work as independent contractors, so they can set their own work hours and can earn as much as they want. Because DoorDashers are independent contractors, the tax information is a little different.

So, before you start delivering for DoorDash, you might be asking, does DoorDash send you a W2? And, if so, where do you find the information? I wondered about the same things, so I looked into it further. Here’s everything I learned!

Does DoorDash Send You A W2 In [currentyear]?

DoorDash does not send its DoorDashers a W2 form as of [currentyear]. Instead, DoorDash sends a 1099-NEC form if delivery drivers earn $600 or more during the year. Also, DoorDash’s driver app allows DoorDashers to review their earnings (base pay, tips, and other DoorDash bonuses) each week for orders completed from Sunday through Monday.

If you want to learn more about taxes and DoorDash, like what expenses you can write off on your taxes, what a 1099-NEC form is, and much more, keep on reading! I’ve looked into everything you need to know!

Does DoorDash Send Drivers A W2 Form?

No, DoorDash does not send its delivery drivers a W2 form. Rather, DoorDash provides its DoorDashers with a 1099-NEC form, but only if they earned over $600 during the year.

Further, DoorDash partners with a company called Stripe to provide a 1099-NEC form.

What Is A 1099-NEC Tax Form?

A 1099-NEC tax form summarizes all of a DoorDasher’s earnings as an independent contractor, which are then reported on the federal W2 form.

Further, a 1099-NEC form contains federal income tax information used to report earnings other than wages, salaries, and tips.

However, DoorDash only provides a 1099-NEC form if a DoorDasher earns more than $600 throughout the year.

What Additional Tax Information Will DoorDash Send You?

The 1099-NEC form is the only tax form that DoorDash sends its delivery drivers, and the company only provides it for eligible drivers.

So, if DoorDashers do not earn more than $600, they won’t receive a 1099-NEC form.

How Does DoorDash Send You Tax Information?

DoorDash sends its delivery drivers tax information via email or regular mail, whichever the DoorDasher prefers.

With that, if a delivery driver opts to receive a message via email, they will get an email from Stripe, DoorDash’s business partner.

However, you will need to set up a Stripe account for the company to send the tax information.

Also, DoorDash notes that you should check your spam and junk folders if you don’t see an email by the end of January.

Moreover, the email is entitled “Confirm your tax information with DoorDash.” On the other hand, if you opt for a physical form, it can take a little longer for the 1099-NEC form to reach you.

What DoorDash Expenses Can You Write Off On Your Taxes?

What DoorDash Expenses Can You Write Off On Your Taxes?

If you deliver for DoorDash, there are several expenses that you can write off on your taxes to get your maximum refund.

With that, here is a list of things you can write off on your taxes that are associated with delivering food for DoorDash:

  • Phone accessories (phone holder, car charger, etc.)
  • Mileage tracker
  • Hot bags, blankets, courier backpacks
  • Tolls, parking expenses, car inspections, roadside assistance
  • Gas

Moreover, these expenses are deducted as a percentage for business use.

Therefore, some expenses cannot be deducted for their total cost, just as a percentage you used to deliver orders.

How Do You Track DoorDash Mileage?

Using mileage tracking apps is the most efficient and accurate way to track DoorDash mileage.

However, if you don’t want to use a mileage tracker, DoorDash will send you an estimate during tax time.

But, it’s better to know the exact number of miles because it’s likely to be higher than DoorDash’s estimate.

That said, DoorDash has a partnership with the mileage tracking app called Everlance that automatically tracks mileage for you.

Further, Everlance costs between $5 and $10 a month to track miles. Additionally, you can try Everlance for free for 30 days to see whether or not the service is right for you.

Does DoorDash Keep Track Of Your Earnings?

Yes, DoorDash keeps track of your earnings. That said, you can check how much money you have earned through base pay earnings and tips on DoorDash.

Also, DoorDash allows you to cash out or transfer your earnings from DoorDash to your bank account on a weekly or monthly basis.

How Do You Check DoorDash Earnings?

You can check your DoorDash earnings by reviewing your DoorDasher account. Further, here is how you check your earnings on the DoorDasher app:

  • Open the Driver app
  • Locate the “Earnings” tab and click it to open it
  • Click on the specific week to review how much money you’ve earned
  • Click on an individual DoorDash trip to see individual earnings

On the DoorDasher Earnings tab, you can see the base pay, tips, and all other types of DoorDash payments.

Also, you can review and edit your bank information and see how many hours you worked in this section of the DoorDasher app.

As a DoorDash delivery driver, you will receive an email with all your earnings summarized every Monday.

Then, you can expect the money to transfer into your bank account by Wednesday evening.

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When you drive for DoorDash, you work as an independent contractor, so you don’t receive a W2 form. Instead, DoorDash and its partner, Stripe, provide you with a 1099-NEC form.

However, DoorDashers only receive a 1099-NEC form if they earn $600 or more during the year.

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