Does Dunkin’ Deliver? (All You Need To Know)

Over the last two decades, Dunkin’ Donuts has made a name as a mobile-friendly quick-service restaurant owing to its seamless and user-friendly mobile app.  

However, one question that keeps popping up among Dunkin’s customers is whether the multinational franchise offers delivery services. So, does Dunkin’ Donuts deliver? I did some intensive research about this, and this is what I discovered!

Does Dunkin’ Deliver In 2024?

Dunkin’ Donuts delivers as of 2024. The multinational quick-service restaurant chain teams up with food delivery apps such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub to deliver coffee, bagels, sandwiches, and donuts to your doorstep. There are proximately 6,000 Dunkin’ stores that offer delivery services. Dunkin’ stores charge delivery fees for each menu item delivered. 

To find out more about whether Dunkin’ delivers, how to order Dunkin’ delivery, whether you can order delivery through Dunkin”s app, and what Dunkin’ delivers, keep scrolling!

How To Order Dunkin’ Donuts’ Delivery?

Like many retailers, Dunkin’ Donuts has realized the need to go contactless by offering curbside pickup, carry-out, and delivery options.

Thus, you can get your favorite caffeinated beverages or food right at your doorstep and at the comfort of your bed without stepping out.

However, it’s essential to note that Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t offer its delivery services but partners with different third-party delivery apps worldwide.

In addition, not all Dunkin’ stores offer delivery services. Hence, it would be ideal if you did your research beforehand to determine whether your local Dunkin’ store delivers or not.

To order Dunkin‘ delivery, you need to download your favorite food delivery app, such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, Just East, or DoorDash, on your phone or computer.

In turn, open the app, input the delivery address you need the menu items delivered to, and hit the search button to find the list of Dunkin’ stores participating in the delivery services in your locality.

The search result will, in turn, show a list of Dunkin’ stores that offer delivery services in your locality. Then, choose the nearest Dunkin’ store and browse the available menu options.

After that, select your favorite beverages and food and customize them according to your preferences.

Consequently, place your order, complete the payment and checkout, and be patient as your items are delivered to your doorstep.

Can You Order Delivery Through The Dunkin’ App?

Unfortunately, you cannot order delivery through Dunkin’ Donuts’ mobile app.

Instead, Dunkin’s delivery orders are placed through the different food delivery apps that Dunkin’ partners with, such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, or DoorDash.

Additionally, Dunkin’s mobile app doesn’t have a delivery service option since the multinational coffee company doesn’t have its own delivery services.

Nevertheless, you can take advantage of the Dunkin’ app’s Order Ahead feature, which lets you place an order and pay contactless beforehand at the drive-thru, curbside, or pick-up-in-store.

While in your local Dunkin’ store, remember to sign up for the Dunkin’ Donuts’ Perks Rewards Program to get occasional discounts and free delivery.

What Does Dunkin’ Donuts Deliver?

What Does Dunkin' Donuts Deliver?

Generally speaking, Dunkin’ Donuts delivers most of your favorite menu items, including:

  • Coffee
  • Cold-brew drinks
  • Bagels
  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • Donuts
  • Espresso
  • And much more!

Therefore, you can get all your favorite Dunkin’ menu items in the comfort of your home by placing your order online via the food delivery apps that the quick-service restaurant franchise partners with.

Additionally, if you have a problem with your Dunkin’ delivery, directly contact the customer services of the food delivery app you’re using via its respective app or website.

Fortunately, all the delivery fees are clearly indicated before checking out the food delivery apps. 

Does Dunkin’ Offer Free Delivery?

Dunkin’ occasionally offers free delivery to its customers.

To benefit from DoorDash’s free delivery, you need to create a DoorDash account and use the company’s new user promo if you’re new to the delivery app.

In addition, if you intend to save on delivery costs while using DoorDash, subscribe to its membership option to get unlimited free delivery for $9.99 per month.

Grubhub delivery app, on its part, requires you to be a GH+ member to gain access to its perks, discounts, and free delivery. 

On the other hand, Uber Eats has a membership option dubbed Uber One, whose membership gets free delivery services on all orders.

However, it’s worth noting that the food delivery apps that the multinational franchise partners with charge delivery fees included in the checkout. 

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Dunkin’ Donuts offers delivery services to its customers via third-party food delivery apps since the franchise doesn’t have its own delivery services.

Also, while the multinational quick-service restaurant is a franchise business, it would be ideal to note that not all Dunkin’ stores offer delivery services.

Thus, do your homework beforehand to determine whether the Dunkin’ store near you delivers to avoid getting disappointed.

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