Does Family Dollar Pay Weekly? (+ Other Common FAQs)

Family Dollar has over 8,000 stores across the US, and in many areas, it’s often one of the few places where people can go to shop for groceries, household items, toys, and school supplies.

Family Dollar is opening new stores all the time, which makes it a potential employer for anyone looking for work. If you have questions about what it’s like to work at Family Dollar, how much it pays, and if it pays weekly, check out all my research on the topic!

Does Family Dollar Pay Weekly In [currentyear]?

Family Dollar doesn’t pay weekly but biweekly, every two weeks on Fridays as of [currentyear]. At Dollar Tree, each pay period runs from Sunday to Saturday. The minimum wage at Family Dollar is around $8, which is lower than similar stores. Eligible full-time employees get benefits like 401k, credit union membership, and health coverage that includes vision and dental.

If you want to know more about working at Family Dollar and the salaries and benefits, carry on reading, you’ll find all the information you need!

Do Family Dollar Employees Get Paid Weekly Or Biweekly?

Family Dollar pays its employees every two weeks. Further, payday is Friday, and each two-week pay period runs from Sunday to Saturday at Dollar Tree.

Also, Family Dollar pays by direct deposit, paper checks, or a company-issued debit card.

How Much Does Family Dollar Pay?

At Family Dollar, the District Manager decides the wages based on the employee’s experience and knowledge.

But, most store employees earn hourly wages, and only the managerial staff like the District Manager and Store Manager get an annual salary.

Further, average salaries for hourly workers at Family Dollar are:

  • Customer Service Representative: $9 an hour
  • Cashier: $10 an hour
  • Assistant Store Manager: $ 12 an hour
  • Warehouse: $11.22 an hour
  • Stocker/Receiver: $8.85 an hour

Unfortunately, these rates are lower than the wages at comparable stores like Dollar General and Aldi.

Also, Family Dollar hourly wages are lower than the national average for similar positions in the US.

However, full-time employees can become eligible for benefits like:

  • 401k
  • Credit union membership
  • Medical
  • Vision and dental coverage
  • Life and disability insurance

Moreover, other employee benefits include wellness benefits and an employee assistance program.

What Is The Minimum Wage At Family Dollar?

The minimum wage at Family Dollar varies between stores and regions, but generally, it’s around $8 an hour, which is below the national average hourly salary for similar positions.

What Is The Highest Paying Job At Family Dollar?

The highest paying job at Family Dollar stores is the District Manager, who earns around $62,178 annually.

Then, the next highest salary goes to the Store Manager, whose salary is around $34,656 a year.

Does Family Dollar Pay More For Working During Holidays?

Does Family Dollar Pay More For Working During Holidays?

Different Family Dollar stores seem to have varying policies on overtime pay and higher pay for working on holidays.

That said, some stores do pay overtime and a higher rate for working on holidays. For example, the higher rate for working on holidays is one and a half times the regular rate.

When it comes to how much Family Dollar employees earn, the District Manager makes the decision.

Does Family Dollar Give Vacation Pay And Sick Days?

Yes, full-time Family Dollar employees working 40 hours a week or more get paid vacation and sick leave days.

Additionally, if you don’t use all your sick leave for the year by the end of December, you can roll over your unused sick days into the following year.

Does Family Dollar Give Raises?

Yes, Family Dollar employees get raises yearly, following a review.

Also, employees can get raises with promotions, for example, when a Customer Service Representative becomes an Assistant Store Manager.

Do Family Dollar Workers Get An Employee Discount?

Sadly, Family Dollar does not give its workers an employee discount.

Do Family Dollar Employees Get An Annual Bonus?

Yes, all Family Dollar employees get an annual bonus, which is usually a $10 or $20 store gift card.

What’s It Like Working At Family Dollar?

Family Dollar stores have a presence in many rural and urban low-income neighborhoods, making them the first-choice-by-necessity grocery store for many people.

With so many stores and new ones opening, Family Dollar has job openings for many different positions across the country.

Regarding pay, Family Dollar wages for hourly employees are higher than the minimum wage but lower than the national average.

However, Family Dollar employees do get benefits if they work full-time or over 40 hours a week.

Further, it’s Family Dollar policy to promote internally, making it possible to move from sales to managerial positions.

On the career site CareerBliss, Family Dollar employees give the job an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.

But, keep in mind that this rating is 11% lower than the average rating employees give their own companies on CareerBliss.

However, when we break down the ratings on CareerBliss by the employee’s position, Family Dollar gets a better average rating, with 4.4 from District Managers and 3.6 from Assistant Managers.

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Family Dollar stores pay biweekly, on Fridays, meaning that you’ll get a paycheck every other Friday.

Also, wages are determined by the Family Dollar District Manager based on knowledge and experience.

Further, Family Dollar pays its employees via either direct deposit, paper checks, or company debit cards.

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