Does Family Dollar Sell Stamps? (Try This Instead)

Family Dollar stores are best known for its bargain prices. But, Family Dollar also offers you the convenience of being able to do all or most of your shopping in one stop.

Like many others, you may have wondered if Family Dollar sells stamps to save you a trip to the Post Office. Well, I was curious about the same thing and decided to research the matter. Here’s everything I discovered!

Does Family Dollar Sell Stamps In 2024?

Family Dollar stores do not sell postage stamps as of 2024. However, it sells almost everything you need regarding mailing supplies, including envelopes, padded mailers, tape, mailing boxes, and bubble wrap. You can buy postage stamps at most grocery stores, Walmart, CVS, Target, and online at Amazon and

For more information where you can buy postage stamps besides the Post Office, carry on reading. You’ll find all the information below!

Can You Buy Postage Stamps At Family Dollar?

Unfortunately, Family Dollar stores do not sell postage stamps.

However, if you can’t get to the Post Office or don’t want to stand in line just to buy stamps, you do have a few other options.

However, Family Dollar stores combine bargain shopping with convenience, and you can find almost everything you need for daily life there.

In fact, people have become so used to relying on Family Dollar stores for all essential purchases; they expect to be able to buy postage stamps there as well.

Where Can You Buy Postage Stamps Besides The Post Office?

Where Can You Buy Postage Stamps Besides The Post Office?

While you can’t buy postage stamps at Family Dollar, there are plenty of other convenient locations where you can buy postage stamps.

That said, some locations where you can buy postage stamps besides the Post Office are:

  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • Target
  • Some ATMs
  • Banks
  • Gas stations
  • Drug stores
  • Staples
  • Office Max

Also, many of these stores like Walmart and major grocery stores stay open late or even 24 hours, so you can get stamps at any time, even when the post office is closed.

However, at most of these locations, you won’t be able to buy just one or two stamps.

That said, they mostly sell stamps in booklets or even sheets, so you might be getting a minimum of 10 to 20 stamps at one go.

Further, keep in mind that usually, you won’t find postage stamps on the shelves in the store, but you’ll have to ask for them at the checkout or customer service counter.

How To Buy Postage Stamps Online

Fortunately, you can order postage stamps and mailing supplies online at With that, you can buy postage stamps, shipping supplies, greeting cards, and gifts online.

So, if you regularly ship packages via Priority Mail, you can use the Click-N-Print service from USPS.

To do this, you’ll need to create an online account, which allows you to create and print postage-paid shipping labels from any printer.

Then, you can use either your own packaging or Priority or Express Mail envelopes with the prepaid shipping labels.

Once your package is ready, you can schedule a pickup by the mail carrier when your mail is delivered.

Does Family Dollar Sell Postage Supplies?

While you can’t buy postage stamps at Family Dollar, you can get all other mailing supplies, like envelopes, padded mailers, bubble wrap, and tape.

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Unfortunately, you can’t buy postage stamps at Family Dollar stores. However, you can buy most other mailing supplies there, like envelopes, tape, and packing materials.

Further, you can buy postage stamps at most large grocery stores, retailers like Target and Walmart, pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens, and many banks and ATMs.

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