Does FedEx Pay Weekly? (Ground, Express, Package Handlers + More)

Hovering anywhere between 78% and 87%, FedEx’s employee satisfaction ratings are quite high. Naturally, the work environment, the benefits, and the possibilities for advancement are all important factors, but pay shouldn’t be overlooked.

Not only does FedEx offer some of the most competitive wages in the logistics industry, but it also has an exceptional reputation for paying employees on time. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about how getting paid at FedEx works!

Does FedEx Pay Weekly In 2024?

FedEx pays Ground, Express, and Package Handlers every Friday in 2024. Pay is distributed either by paper check or direct deposit. Most FedEx employees elect direct deposit as it means earlier access to paychecks (usually one day before the official payday). When payday falls on a holiday, employees receive their pay a day early.

There is a lot more to know about payday at FedEx, so make sure you keep reading our article for more useful facts and tips!

What Day Is Payday for FedEx?

Almost all FedEx employees are paid on Fridays.

What Is the FedEx Pay Period?

There are some mixed answers regarding this question.

That leads us to believe that FedEx’s pay periods differ depending on the division (e.g. Ground, Express) or the position (e.g. package handler or driver).

Some current FedEx employees claim that the pay period runs from Monday to Sunday. Others say it’s Sunday to Saturday.

When it comes to contract drivers, it seems as though FedEx pays Sunday to Friday.

Does FedEx Pay Direct Deposit?

FedEx offers two payment options- physical checks or direct deposit. Most employees elect to receive their pay via direct deposit.

Not only is direct deposit easier (i.e. no checks to keep track of) but it also means employees can access their pay a day earlier than those who receive paper checks.

That being said, employees who select direct deposit also receive a paper paystub every Thursday.

Does FedEx Ground Pay Weekly or Bi-Weekly?

FedEx Ground employees are paid on a weekly basis. In most cases, payday is every Friday.

Does FedEx Express Get Paid Weekly?

Like Ground employees, it seems as though FedEx Express employees get paid every Friday.

However, a few FedEx Express employees report getting paid on a bi-weekly basis. Still, this seems to be the minority of cases.

Do FedEx Package Handlers Get Paid Weekly?

Do FedEx Package Handlers Get Paid Weekly?

As with Ground and Express employees, FedEx package handlers are paid every Friday, either by paper check or direct deposit.

Does FedEx Hold Your First Paycheck?

FedEx does not hold an employee’s first paycheck if the employee has signed up for direct deposit.

If an employee does not sign up for direct deposit, there may be a delay in getting their first paycheck due to processing time. In some cases, this delay could be as long as 4 days.

Still, it’s important to keep in mind that this delay has nothing to do with FedEx withholding the employee’s pay.

Does FedEx Pay After Your First Week of Work?

FedEx pays employees on the first payday at the end of the first payroll period. So, depending on when you start, you may receive your paycheck after your first week.

Of course, this won’t always be the case, so there may be a lag between finishing your first week of working and receiving your paycheck.

How long the delay is depends on the payroll department as well as the employee’s bank. If there is a delay, it will likely be resolved within a week or two of the employee’s start date.

In either case, rest assured that you will get paid what you’re owed. It may not be right after your first week of work, but all of your working hours will be accounted for on the next paycheck.

Does FedEx Pay Early on Holidays?

If payday falls on a holiday, FedEx employees are paid a day early.

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For nearly all positions including Ground, Express, and package handlers, FedEx pays on a weekly basis. In most cases, Friday is the official payday, but those with direct deposit will see their accounts credited a day early.

All of that said, there seem to be a few discrepancies regarding the exact days of FedEx’s pay period, so if you’re a new employee and have any questions, it’s worth reaching out to your manager for clarification.

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