Does FedEx Update Tracking? (All You Need To Know)

If you’ve got a package on the way, there’s a good chance that you’ve been glued to the FedEx website in hopes of seeing a tracking update. Some days, it seems like your package is making progress, while others can seem like it’s stuck in a warehouse somewhere.

These thoughts lead people to wonder about FedEx’s tracking and how it works. This article lets you know when tracking gets updated, how often, and what you can do to make sure you never miss another update.

Does FedEx Update Tracking In [currentyear]?

FedEx updates tracking every time a parcel is scanned as of [currentyear]. Customers can see these updates in near-real-time. Usually, that means seeing the update less than five minutes after the scan occurs, but sometimes it could take up to 20 minutes. Contact FedEx customer service if you haven’t received a tracking update in more than 24 hours.

There’s a lot more to know about FedEx’s tracking updates, so keep reading the rest of this guide!

When Does FedEx Update Tracking?

FedEx updates tracking information every time a parcel is scanned.

Usually, this means tracking starts when a package enters the mail stream (i.e., when it is mailed from a store location or picked up with a driver).

Also, packages are scanned when they arrive and depart from sorting facilities, processing centers, and warehouses—tracking information updates at each step.

Lastly, tracking information will update when a package is out for delivery or delivered.

How Often Does FedEx Tracking Update?

FedEx’s tracking information updates any time your package is scanned. Therefore, the time between scans will vary depending on how far your package is traveling.

Sometimes, when a package arrives at a delivery hub, you may receive several updates throughout one day as the package arrives, gets processed, and heads out the door again.

Other times, your package may cross several state lines without being processed or handled. In these cases, a day or more could go by before you see a tracking update.

Still, it’s worth noting that tracking information is updated in near-real-time.

In other words, any time your package is scanned, you’ll see an update right away.

Usually, this is no longer than 20 minutes after the scan, but seeing an update in less than five minutes is the norm. 

What Happens If FedEx Doesn’t Update Tracking?

What Happens If FedEx Doesn't Update Tracking?

As mentioned above, it may seem as though your tracking hasn’t been updated, but usually, that’s only because your package is in transit and hasn’t received a scan in a while.

In fact, it’s not unusual for a package to go more than 24 hours without a scan while in transit. So, although it can be tough not having updates, it’s usually traveling as intended.

However, if it’s been more than a couple of days without a tracking update, feel free to contact FedEx Customer Service at 800 FedEx (800 33339).

After calling, a representative may be able to give you more information about the location and status of your package.

Why Doesn’t FedEx Update Tracking?

In many cases, it may seem as though FedEx isn’t updating tracking information, but usually, that’s only because a package is in transit and hasn’t received a scan in a while.

Still, there are times when other issues may cause FedEx not to update tracking information.

For example, some issues include weather delays, mechanical issues (either with machines at a processing facility or a delivery truck), or an IT bug in FedEx’s tracking software.

Also, it’s possible that your package missed getting scanned by a delivery driver. Remember, drivers are very busy and sometimes skip scanning packages to save time throughout the day.

How Do I Get FedEx To Update My Tracking?

You can do a few things to make sure you get as many tracking updates as possible.

First, you can download the FedEx mobile app, which allows you to track FedEx services, like FedEx Express, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Ground, on Android and iOS devices.

Moreover, another option is to receive tracking updates via text.

With that, simply send “FOLLOW” followed by the tracking number (e.g., “FOLLOW 123456789012”) to 988-097-1255 for regular updates about your shipment.

Additionally, a third option is to call 1-800-464-3399 and say “track your shipment” to hear the latest updates.

Finally, you can check the status of your shipment by heading to the FedEx website.

While none of these options will “make” FedEx update your tracking, the company will help you stay on top of it, so you don’t overlook anything.

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While occasionally frustrating, FedEx’s tracking system gives pretty reliable information about the location of your package regularly.

In most cases, you should receive daily (or even more frequent) updates.

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