Does Grubhub Do Background Checks? (Must Read Before Applying)

Grubhub has allowed a lot of people to make some money on the side to supplement their primary income.

However, before you get started, you need to go through the approval process. So, if you’re wondering whether this includes a background check, read on to find out what I discovered!

Does Grubhub Perform Background Checks In 2024?

Grubhub does background checks on all potential drivers before they get approved in 2024. Grubhub looks through your criminal records and driving history, and uses Checkr for background checks, an AI platform that speeds up the process. Grubhub hires felons but only in very few instances, likely because approval is usually decided by this program and not a person.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the background checks conducted by Grubhub, including what the company looks for, what could disqualify you, and more!

How Long Does Grubhub Take to Review Background?

Grubhub takes a few days to review the background of a potential driver and the results from a background check should take a little over a week at most.

For background checks, Grubhub uses Checkr, an automated service that combes through the applicant’s history.

Checkr says the results should take between 3 and 7 business days to get back to the person who ordered them.

If your background check is taking longer than expected, it’s usually because they’re waiting for something on your end, or one of the county courts they’re looking through is taking longer than usual to return information.

For the first reason, you could log in to your Grubhub account and navigate to your application status to see if there’s anything the company is asking for.

You could also look through your email, including the spam and promotions tabs, to see if you missed any updates or requests.

You’re required to authorize the company to run a background check, and this can’t be done until you grant permission- it’s not something that happens automatically when you apply.

What Does Grubhub Look for on a Background Check?

What Does Grubhub Look for on a Background Check?

Grubhub looks through a potential driver’s criminal history and driving records before they can be approved.

When applying to work as a driver for Grubhub, the company asks for a lot of your information, including your full name and social security number.

With this information, Grubhub could use Checkr to look through your criminal history, specifically in the following areas:

  1. County criminal records
  2. Federal criminal records
  3. State criminal records
  4. Global watchlists
  5. Sex offender registries
  6. FACIS (the Fraud Abuse Control Information System)

Checkr also allows Grubhub to run continuous criminal record screenings, meaning that if you get a felony after being approved, Grubhub will be alerted and could take action based on this.

Grubhub asks for your driver’s license number to check your driving records, and could find out about the following:

  1. If your license is currently expired or suspended
  2. Which kinds of vehicles you’re licensed to drive
  3. Recent restrictions and violations like speeding tickets

What Does “Consider” Mean on Grubhub Background Check?

When your Grubhub background check status says “Consider,” it means that Checkr has found information that doesn’t align with what Grubhub is looking for.

In this case, someone in charge of hiring needs to review it.

For example, if the background check finds your criminal records, the status would change to “Consider,” and someone from Grubhub would be alerted.

Getting “consider” on your Grubhub background check doesn’t automatically mean that you won’t get hired but, from what we’ve found in our research, it’s often a bad sign.

When this happens, someone at Grubhub will need to review your information and decide for themselves if you get hired.

However, with a large volume of applicants at its disposal, Grubhub often doesn’t bother reviewing every “consider” it gets.

What Would Disqualify You From Grubhub?

As we’ve established, having a criminal record and points on your driving history would disqualify you from Grubhub.

Since the company uses an algorithm to conduct background checks, it’s a lot harder now to get through when you have a criminal background.

We know this because many of the cases we’ve found of felons getting rejected from Grubhub are fairly recent, while the ones of them successfully getting approved are from years earlier.

Checkr lets you set what you’re willing to overlook and Grubhub would probably let a speeding ticket slide, but not something like an expired license.

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Grubhub performs background checks on all its drivers, and it takes between 3 and 7 business days to complete. Grubhub looks for an applicant’s criminal and driving history in the background check using Checkr, an AI tool.

Grubhub looks up criminal history in several major records, and there’s also an option for ongoing checks that report new charges. Driving history looks into things like traffic violations, and the status of your license.

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