Does Grubhub Work in Canada? (Locations, Delivery + More)

Grubhub has grown to cover thousands of cities in the US and is one of the leading food delivery apps in the country.

If you’ve heard about it, but you’re in Canada, we did some digging into whether you can access it from there. Here’s what we found!

Does Grubhub Work in Canada In 2024?

Grubhub works in Canada but in a very limited scope in 2024. Grubhub in Canada is available only in a few areas as opposed to having national coverage. Grubhub’s parent company, Just Eat Takeaway, runs most of its operations in the country through SkipTheDishes. For this reason, Grubhub isn’t among the most popular food delivery apps in Canada.

To learn more about Grubhub in Canada, including how it stacks up against rival delivery services, how it’s run in the country, and other related topics, read on!

Is Grubhub in Quebec?

Unfortunately, Grubhub has not stated whether it’s in Quebec, and when you look it up, all the results will instead point you towards a town in Tulsa that’s also called Quebec.

However, Grubhub runs most of its operations in Canada through its SkipTheDishes division, which is where you get redirected when you change regions on the company website.

SkipTheDishes is a food delivery service that works just like Grubhub and it operates within Quebec.

This app also makes up for the areas across Canada where Grubhub doesn’t have solid operations yet.

Is Grubhub in Ontario?

Grubhub is in Ontario and there is even a dedicated section for the province on its website that allows you to find local restaurants faster.

Is Grubhub in Toronto?

As stated above, Grubhub is in Ontario, so this would also mean that the service is available from Toronto.

Grubhub’s coverage in Canada is still spotty, meaning that operations aren’t guaranteed, even in densely populated areas, so it’s always best to check first.

Is Grubhub in Montreal?

Grubhub’s parent company also owns SkipTheDishes, which is available in Montreal and the rest of Quebec. This division handles most of the company’s operations in the country.

Is Grubhub in Vancouver?

Grubhub’s subsidiary SkipTheDishes is available in Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia.

Note that when you look through the company website, Grubhub makes reference to a different city in Washington State that’s also called Vancouver.

Does Grubhub Deliver Alcohol in Canada?

Does Grubhub Deliver Alcohol in Canada?

Grubhub delivers alcohol in Canada but hasn’t developed or promoted the system as much as it has in the US.

We managed to find some restaurants and other businesses in Canada that deliver alcohol via Grubhub, which is how we know that this service is available.

Even though the legal drinking age in Canada is 19 (18 in Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba), Grubhub says you need to be 21 to order alcohol from its platform.

We selected a bunch of restaurants with alcohol on their menus and this was the standard age requirement for all of them.

Assuming Grubhub in Canada operates with the same guidelines that it uses in the US for alcohol delivery, the driver will be required to ask you for a valid form of ID regardless of age.

Does Grubhub Work Internationally?

Grubhub works internationally and has managed to grow into more markets outside the US, following a merger with Just Eat

As a result of this partnership, Grubhub is currently available in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, the U.K., and Germany.

Which Food Delivery App Is Most Popular in Canada?

Uber Eats is the most popular food delivery app in Canada if we rank these services by downloads.

Because of the fact that Grubhub’s parent company has chosen to promote SkipTheDishes more in the country, it’s one of the most popular food delivery apps in Canada.

Are Grubhub and SkipTheDishes the Same?

Grubhub and SkipTheDishes are not the same, but they are owned by the same parent company, Just Eat Takeaway, so they have significant ties to each other.

Despite being separate apps and services, Grubhub and SkipTheDishes both link to each other on their sites.

As we’ve mentioned previously, for example, when you’re on the Grubhub website and change the region to Canada, you’re redirected to the SkipTheDishes site.

SkipTheDishes failed to gain footing in the US, so the company made a deal that said Grubhub would take over its operations in the country.

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Grubhub works in Canada but it’s still very limited. For starters, it’s only available in very few areas, and the company still hasn’t had a significant enough marketing push, so adoption is still low.

Grubhub’s parent company, Just Eat Takeaway, also owns SkipTheDishes and that’s the service it’s pushing in Canada instead. SkipTheDishes and Grubhub account for their parent company’s presence in Canada and the US respectively.

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