Does Hobby Lobby Accept Apple Pay? (Full Guide)

Apple Pay is becoming very popular as a method of payment at most stores because it’s easy to set up.

Therefore, when shopping at Hobby Lobby, you might be interested in using this option to pay for your purchases. If so, read this article to see if you can use Apple Pay at Hobby Lobby!

Does Hobby Lobby Accept Apple Pay In [currentyear]?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t currently accept Apple Pay in [currentyear]. You can’t use it either at physical locations or the company website. While Apple Pay is offered by most major retailers, Hobby Lobby doesn’t provide it. Some possible reasons for this include the points of sale being slow to adopt new technologies and a rumored partnership with PayPal.

Continue reading the article to learn all you need to know about Apple Pay and Hobby Lobby, including online options, workarounds and more!

Does Hobby Lobby Have Apple Pay In-Store?

Hobby Lobby does not have Apple Pay in-store. Currently, you can only use the following methods to pay:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Gift cards
  • Personal checks

When shopping online, you can use these methods and PayPal as well, which is discussed more below.

Why Doesn’t Hobby Lobby Take Apple Pay?

Hobby Lobby probably doesn’t take Apple Pay in store because its points of sale (i.e. the stations where the cashiers work) are still using traditional methods when checking out.

For whatever reason, Hobby Lobby does not scan items at the register, which makes it difficult to implement newer technologies.

With this system, you can use cash, credit, and/or debit cards to pay when shopping in a store. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect Apple Pay to be one of the options provided.

However, some sources have speculated that Hobby Lobby does not accept Apple Pay because it has an ongoing collaboration with PayPal.

This theory is supported by pointing out that PayPal is the only third party option other than credit or debit card that you can use to pay when shopping online at Hobby Lobby.

However, this does not hold up, because Hobby Lobby does not support PayPal’s option for making payments in installments, Pay In 4.

Rather, PayPal is an option at Hobby Lobby simply because it’s been a popular payment method for longer than its current alternatives.

As stated above, Hobby Lobby is likely just slow taking up new technologies, both in its retail stores and online.

How Do I Use Apple Pay at Hobby Lobby?

How Do I Use Apple Pay at Hobby Lobby?

You can use Apple Pay at Hobby Lobby by linking your account to Zip, which works by creating a virtual or one time Visa card that you can use to make purchases.

It also lets you make payments in 4 equal installments spread out over six weeks, so you can also use it to get items from Hobby Lobby on a buy-now-pay-later basis.

To integrate this function, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Zip app
  2. Open the app after installing
  3. Navigate to the “Cards” tab
  4. Click on “Get a card”
  5. Read through the terms and conditions
  6. Accept the terms
  7. Add Zip to Apple Pay

This procedure will get you started by linking your Apple Pay account to Zip. Afterward, you can go through the app to use Apple Pay at Hobby Lobby, as described below:

  1. Open the app
  2. Search for “Hobby Lobby” among the retailers
  3. Buy items as usual by adding them to your cart
  4. At checkout, select “Pay with Zip”
  5. Confirm the transaction
  6. Complete the payment

The above process lets you shop online, but if you’re looking to use Apple Pay in a Hobby Lobby store, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app
  2. Navigate to the “In Store” tab
  3. Review the transaction
  4. Pay with Zip

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Hobby Lobby does not accept Apple Pay either in-store or online. You can only pay with cash, credit or debit cards, gift cards, or PayPal.

However, if you want to use Apple Pay, you can get around the restrictions by linking your Apple Wallet with a Zip account. This service works by creating a virtual Visa card that can be used at any checkout that accepts it, including Hobby Lobby.

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