Does Home Depot Install Dishwashers? (Price, Types, How It Works + More) 

Home Depot is a big box retailer with locations across the US, selling all things home improvement. Home Depot sells a number of large kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, and washing machines.  

With their extensive range of appliances on sale, I wondered whether Home Depot installed dishwashers bought in their stores. Read on to see what I found out! 

Does Home Depot Install Dishwashers? 

Home Depot does install dishwashers purchased in-store only. Home Depot will handle delivery, unpacking, installation and will also bring along any extra parts needed to fit the dishwasher. The price of dishwasher installation is free on a select range of dishwashers over $396 (or $99 for under this amount).

Keep reading to find out how much Home Depot charges for installing your dishwasher, how their installation service works, and whether Home Depot will remove your old dishwasher! 

How Much Does Home Depot Charge For Dishwasher Installation? 

The Home Depot site states that delivery and installation is free on select appliances when you spend over $396.

Dishwashers qualify as part of the list of eligible appliances within this offer. If you do not qualify for this offer, then Home Depot charges $99 for installation on top of a $59 delivery fee. 

Home Depot regularly runs offers on selected brands which include free delivery and installation.

So keep a lookout for these offers to get your installation for free. 

How Does Home Depot’s Dishwasher Installation Service Work? 

Home Depot will handle all parts of the delivery and installation process, from unpacking through to clearing away packaging and returning your home to its original state.

As part of the installation process, Home Depot requires you to prepare for installation in a few ways: 

  • A water supply line with a shut-off valve. This should be located behind the dishwasher or under the sink. (Note: the shut-off valve needs to be in good working condition and requires no plumbing alteration to install.) 
  • Have new connection hoses. 
  • Flooring that causes no obstructions to the dishwasher. 

Some installations may also require a plumber or electrician due to local code. 

You should also make sure to clear the path to the installation location of anything that could be damaged or cause an obstruction.

Additionally, make sure your path or driveway is clear of snow and ice too. 

What Kinds Of Dishwasher Does Home Depot Install? 

What Kinds Of Dishwasher Does Home Depot Install

Home Depot installs all free-standing dishwashers (including brands such as Samsung, KitchenAid, GE, Whirlpool, Bosch, etc.) provided the space has the correct fixtures for a proper installation.

For the installation of built-in appliances, you will need to contact your local store to find out if this service is offered. 

Will Home Depot Remove My Old Dishwasher? 

Home Depot offers a hauling service on old appliances upon purchase and delivery of a new and similar appliance bought in-store.

Hauling fees vary, with some stores charging different prices depending on the contractors they use for the service, though an average price of $25 is charged for this service. 

Home Depot sometimes runs offers on selected appliances where installation is free, and free hauling sometimes falls into these offers too. 

Note: Home Depot will not haul away built-in appliances unless disconnected and uninstalled first, though this may vary per store.

All appliances (including dishwashers) that are being removed from your home must be properly disconnected and uninstalled before they can be removed. 

What Kind Of Dishwashers Does Home Depot Sell? 

Home Depot sells an extensive range of dishwashers from a number of well-known brands.

Brands include Bosch, Whirlpool, LG, and Samsung, and styles vary to include built-in dishwashers, front-load dishwashers, and portable dishwashers.  

A variety of colors are on offer, too, with options including stainless steel, white, black, and slate. You can even choose a dishwasher based on the amount of noise it makes. 

Is Home Depot A Cheap Place To Buy Dishwashers? 

Home Depot is a relatively cheap place to buy a new dishwasher as they offer a range of dishwashers, including budget-friendly dishwashers.

Home Depot regularly has offers on appliances and has a dedicated appliance savings scheme whereby the purchase of more than one appliance at a time leads to overall savings. 

Learn more about Home Depot’s other services and find out if Home Depot installs flooring, if Home Depot installs appliances, and discover Home Depot’s policy on appliance warranty.


Home Depot does offer an installation service with dishwashers bought in-store.

The installation comes free when you spend more than $396 in-store, and Home Depot regularly runs offers on selected brands for free delivery and installation.

If you do not qualify for an offer, the installation will cost $99. 

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