Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon? (Full Guide) 

Home Depot has established itself as one of the leading retailers of essential DIY goods, tools, and other equipment for homes and businesses, offering an attractive price-match policy to help customers save money.

Since Amazon is a major competitor of Home Depot and often may have lower prices, you may be wondering if Home Depot will price match Amazon goods. Here is what I’ve found out about this through my research! 

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon?

Home Depot will price-match Amazon for purchases made at For stores, the individual store manager will decide whether to honor a price match request for Amazon products. Home Depot does not price match Amazon Prime prices, Prime Day deals, or third-party seller items.

If you want to learn more about how to price match Amazon products at Home Depot, what items are excluded from Home Depot’s price match policy, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is Home Depot’s Price Match Policy? 

Home Depot offers a Low Price Guarantee to compete with retailers such as Lowe’s and Ace Hardware to keep customers visiting its stores.

As part of this guarantee, Home Depot offers price matches for items sold in its stores with identical items sold in competitor’s stores and items sold online with identical items sold online by competitors. 

Note that Home Depot’s Low Price Guarantee does not include shipping. 

How Do I Get the Home Depot Price Match In-Store?

If you wish to price match in Home Depot stores, you should speak to the store manager, who will have the final say on whether or not your request can be honored.

Many online shoppers have stated that escalating the request will often lead to Home Depot managers agreeing to the price match. 

Alternatively, you can also price match with other retail competitors at Home Depot by comparing identical products sold in-store at both retailers. 

To receive the price match in-store at Home Depot, simply bring in the ad, the printout, or a photo of either of these with evidence of a competitor’s (such as Amazon) better retail price.

If you take this to the register during checkout at Home Depot, you will have the price match discount applied. 

Keep in mind that the Home Depot employee may need to contact the competing store to verify the price, which may take some time.

How Do I Get the Home Depot Price Match Online?

How Do I Get the Home Depot Price Match Online

To receive the Home Depot price match for products sold online at and on its competitor’s websites, you need to contact Home Depot. 

You can do this by beginning a live chat on Home Depot’s website, where its customer service team will be able to verify the competitor’s price and begin the transaction for you. 

Alternatively, you can contact Home Depot by calling 1-800-430-3376 to begin the discussion and have the team order the item with the adjusted price for you. 

Will Home Depot Adjust After I Have Purchased From Amazon?

Home Depot is able to offer price adjustments after you have purchased an item if you find a better deal elsewhere at a competitor such as Amazon.

To get a price match after purchasing at Home Depot, simply go to your local store and ask at the customer service desk.

The condition of this must be that the competitor must currently be able to ship the product to the customer’s location, and you must provide proof of a better deal.

You can provide proof by bringing in a printed ad or similar materials to verify the deal. 

Note that Home Depot has stated that it will only honor price match requests after purchasing for the customer who initially made the purchase.

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon Prime?

According to its official price match policy, Home Depot will not price match items that are being sold with the Amazon Prime membership.

Only items sold directly by Amazon without any membership discounts applied are eligible for price matching at Home Depot.

Additionally, Home Depot will not price-match “Prime Day” deals from Amazon.

Does Home Depot Price Match Third-Party Seller Items On Amazon?

Home Depot will not price-match items sold by third-party or Marketplace sellers on Amazon.

Instead, only items that are sold directly by Amazon and that are not a part of any membership-based discounts will be price matched by Home Depot.

You can reach out to Home Depot customer support to resolve any queries and confusion about the eligibility of a price match request.

What Items Will Home Depot Not Price Match? 

Unfortunately, several products and merchandise are excluded from the Home Depot price match policy.

These items include products that are reduced in price that are on sale or clearance, custom products, and products that have been opened.

However, Home Depot will allow you to price match during events such as Black Friday so you can find even better deals. 

Home Depot is unable to offer price matches on services or installations or on advertisements from competitors that include errors or mistakes. 

Other than that, the sales tax price is also excluded from the price match policy, and you are not allowed to use a coupon alongside a price match.

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Home Depot is able to price-match Amazon for products sold on To receive a price match with Amazon from Home Depot, you can either start a live chat from the website or call the Customer Service team.

Note that it is the decision of Home Depot managers if they will allow you to price match Amazon in-store at Home Depot. Additionally, Home Depot will not price match Amazon Prime, “Prime Day” deals, or items sold by third-party sellers.

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