Does Home Depot Recycle Electronics? (Try This Instead)

Home Depot sells a variety of electronics at its stores and online, such as laptops, computers, accessories, audio systems, printers, and much more.

Since electronic waste can be a hazard to the environment, you may wonder if Home Depot recycles electronic items. Here is what I’ve found out through my research!

Does Home Depot Recycle Electronics?

Home Depot does not directly recycle electronic waste. It does, however, provide in-depth guides on how to recycle waste depending on which state the customer lives in. Alternatively, customers can visit Best Buy or Office Depot to recycle old, broken, and unwanted electronics.

If you want to learn more about how Home Depot helps with electronic waste disposal, what stores recycle electronics, and much more, keep on reading!

How Does Home Depot Help With Electronic Waste Disposal?

Home Depot has a guide on its website which details the laws and acts of 24 states in America regarding the disposal and/or recycling of electronic waste.

Some of these acts/laws prevent electronic waste from being directed to landfills, while others (such as the Washington State law) require that manufacturers provide recycling services.

Note that where the state requires it, manufacturers provide recycling services at no cost for households, small businesses, charities, school districts, and governments.

Which Stores Recycle Electronics?

Which Stores Recycle Electronics?

A number of stores and companies across the country offer recycling programs in their stores for customers to utilize, including Apple, Best Buy, and Office Depot.

Also, while some of these stores offer free recycling with gift cards as rewards, some will charge you money to recycle products.

Here are the stores that will allow you to recycle electronics, along with additional information on their recycling programs:


Apple’s recycling program offers free recycling for old or new iPods or iPhones.

All you need to do is fill out their online form, and you’ll receive a prepaid mailing label so that you can send your e-waste to them, or you can always request a free mailer.

Best Buy

Best Buy’s recycling program covers a vast range of electronics, from refrigerators to televisions and much more.

You can easily drop off old cell phones, rechargeable batteries, and printer cartridges to their handy recycling kiosks in-store, and for everything else, there’s their online trade-in estimator.

All you need to do is fill out the form asking about the condition and details of your device, and you’ll receive an instant quote.

Once it’s arrived at the trade-in center, you’ll receive a Best Buy gift card in return with the quoted amount.

Office Depot

Office Depot also has an easy recycling program that doesn’t require you to separate your electronics.

They offer recycling boxes of three different sizes and costs ($5 for small, $10 for medium, and $15 for large), which you can fill up with your electronic waste and drop off at any Office Depot store.

If you don’t have enough to fill a box, you can always bring your cell phones, ink, toner cartridges, and rechargeable batteries in-store for free recycling.

What Is Considered Electronic Waste?

Electronic waste is broadly defined as products that are no longer needed, wanted, broken, or useful.

Examples of these include an out-of-date computers, old monitors, broken VCRs, and televisions.

Simply throwing these items into a landfill can cause harmful reactions to the environment due to the toxic chemicals which are used in them.

Some chemicals can also naturally leach from the metals inside once buried, harming the soil and the air we breathe.

What Are The Different Categories Of Electronic Waste?

A few types of electronic waste can be separated into categories depending on the materials used in the construction of the item in question.

Here is a list of these categories:

  • Refrigerators, freezers, and other cooling equipment
  • Computers and telecommunications equipment (phones)
  • Consumer electronics and solar panels
  • TVs, monitors, and screens
  • LED bulbs
  • Vending machines

Depending on the type of e-waste you intend to recycle, your items may need to be sent to different recycling centers.

Check your local state’s regulations on recycling e-waste to learn more on how to recycle responsibly.

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Home Depot does not recycle electronic waste, however, it does offer an in-depth guide on how to recycle e-waste for 24 states in America, including links to the regulations on e-waste disposal for these states.

Many stores offer electronic recycling, such as Best Buy and Office Depot, with some offering it for free while others charging a small fee.

Electronic waste can vary from computers to vending machines and must be recycled properly to avoid any environmental damage that can come from disposing it at landfills.

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