Does KFC Have Potato Wedges? (+ Other Common FAQs)

Potato wedges were a popular side item that people could order with KFC value meals at several locations. Many lovers of KFC developed a fondness for the wedges, with many associating the dish with family reunions and picnics.

KFC potato wedges were rumored to have been removed from the franchise’s menu, but is this the case? I was curious about the same thing and decided to look into it! So, here’s everything I discovered about the KFC potato wedges!

Does KFC Have Potato Wedges In [currentyear]?

Kentucky Fried Chicken (aka KFC) offered potato wedges on its menu until late 2021 when it replaced them with Secret Recipe Fries as of [currentyear]. As a result, some consumers revolted, as the wedges were extremely popular. KFC acknowledged fan disappointment but stated that the response to the Secret Recipe Fries was overwhelmingly positive.

Basically, KFC did have potato wedges until the chain decided to discontinue them. If you want to uncover what led to the decision to pull KFC’s popular potato wedges, keep reading!

Why Did KFC Discontinue Potato Wedges?

While there are several theories regarding why KFC discontinued its beloved potato wedges, the official word on the street is that it simply wanted a change. 

Better known for the tasty wedges, KFC wanted to edge out the competition in the fry department.

Additionally, the Secret Recipe Fries themselves were some 60 years in the making, which could have promoted their release.

However, the announcement was met with anger by fans of the wedges, who felt betrayed by the quick menu change.

Are Secret Recipe Fries As Good As Potato Wedges?

Not according to fans of the long-time customer favorite, although nationwide, the jury is still out.

Soon after Secret Recipe Fries emerged, angered potato wedge lovers trounced the fries, bitterly asking KFC to bring the wedges back online.

After that, Kentucky Fried Chicken acknowledged that people who loved the wedges might be disappointed but said the change would be a welcome one.

Also, the official statement indicated the fries had performed exceedingly well in taste tests.

How Did Customers React To The Potato Wedge Change?

As mentioned above, many long-time customers were less than enthusiastic about the change from potato wedges to Secret Recipe Fries.

That said, many complained that other fast food places already have fries, and KFC was one of the few that offered the crispy, spicy wedge.

Still, others noted with some disdain that the fries were a lackluster replacement, with some on Instagram exclaiming that the fries “suck.”

Despite the noisy outrage, many consumers expressed their support, with many people on social media stating the fries were better.

Why Were KFC Potato Wedge Fans So Angry?

When consumers become loyal to a franchise brand, they tend to stick by them for years.

The wedges at KFC were a trendy menu item, and many long-time customers were highly disappointed and shocked by the sudden move.

Consequently, a few individuals came together to start a petition on to demand KFC reinstate its potato wedge. Today, the petition has garnered thousands of signatures.

Will KFC Consider Bringing Potato Wedges Back?

Will KFC Consider Bringing Potato Wedges Back?

Despite the petition, it doesn’t seem very likely that KFC will bring the wedges back.

With that, the fast-food franchise regarded the Special Recipe Fries as a replacement for, not an addition to, the current menu.

Interestingly, KFC is not the only restaurant making these changes, as competitors like Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and even Panera have decided to remove favorite menu items.

Therefore, the trend to shorten menus is a combined effort by restaurants to go green and reduce their carbon footprint.

Can You Make KFC Potato Wedges At Home?

There are an insane amount of copycat recipes for KFC’s potato wedges which primarily consist of creating a spicy batter and deep-frying sliced-up taters.

That said, some recipes call for buying large bags of potatoes as opposed to frozen wedges.

Evidently, the secret to its crispy texture is to leave the potato skins on and coat with a seasoned mixture before deep frying.

Essentially, there are many recipes out there for the KFC potato wedge; whichever you choose will be entirely up to you!

What Other Potato Products Does KFC Make?

Alongside Special Recipe Fries, KFC offers another equally coveted side item, mashed potatoes and gravy. 

With that, you can purchase single and family-sized containers or order with one of KFCs favorite value meals.

Additionally, KFC offers regular and spicy mashed potato bowls layered with sweet corn and bite-sized chicken.

Then, KFC drizzles the mixture with gravy and three kinds of shredded cheeses for a delicious option to traditional potato fare.

Has KFC Discontinued Other Popular Favorites?

Yes, KFC has recently put a few of its precious items on the chopping block. With that, the list includes many classic Kentucky Fried Chicken favorites like:

  • The Double Down
  • Popcorn Chicken
  • Apple Turnover
  • Cheetos Sandwich
  • Snackers, aka Chicken Littles
  • Little Bucket Parfait
  • Pickle Fried Chicken
  • Kentucky Roast Beef
  • Kentucky nuggets
  • Kentucky Grilled Chicken

Moreover, other favorites, like Original Recipe Boneless and Beyond Fried Chicken, a plant-based chicken substitute, were also axed.

Despite a successful test run of the latter, KFC failed to launch the breaded faux meat nationally and eventually pulled the menu item.

To know more, you can also see our posts on whether or not KFC has grilled chicken, if KFC chicken is real, and also if KFC chips are vegan.


Once upon a time, KFC did have potato wedges, but it discontinued the large cut potatoes in favor of its brand of classic French fries.

While Secret Recipe Fries was not initially well-received, the general population eventually warmed up to them.

Now, this is not to say KFC won’t reintroduce the wedges as a limited-time promotion in the future.

In either case, things can and often do change in fast food; consumers may mourn but will eventually roll with the punches in this regard.

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