Does Kroger Price Match? (Amazon, Walmart + Other Ways To Save)

Retail chains in the U.S. tend to offer attractive price match policies to their customers to stay competitive and retain their customer base.

Since Kroger is the second-largest retail chain in the country, you may be wondering if Kroger offers a price match policy to its customers. Here is what I’ve found out about it!

Does Kroger Price Match?

Unfortunately, Kroger does not provide a price match policy to customers. However, Kroger always tries to keep its prices as low as possible, accepts various coupons, and offers regular discount deals. Stores like Target, Walmart, Staples, and Best Buy do have price-match policies.

If you want to learn more about other perks that make shopping at Kroger a worthwhile experience, what other retail stores offer price matches, and much more, keep on reading!

What Are Other Ways To Save Money At Kroger?

If you’re unable to find a coupon for an item or simply want to learn about other ways someone can save at Kroger, here is a useful list for your reference:

  • Use Kroger’s pick-up delivery service
  • Keep an eye out for Kroger’s free Friday offers
  • Get a Kroger Plus card to reap rewards
  • Download the Kroger App for digital coupons
  • Buy at Kroger pharmacy to buy prescriptions and OTC drugs at reduced prices
  • Join the Fuel Points Program

What Is The Coupon Policy At Kroger?

Along with offering highly affordable prices, The Kroger Co. Family of Stores accepts paper and digital coupons based on a coupon system that is designed to benefit all its customers.

These coupons should have “manufacturer coupon” printed on them, and Kroger allows you to only use two of them daily for one manufacturer. You can use up to five coupons if you are buying several items.

Note that Kroger’s coupon policy has several other guidelines as well, such as the policy of not accepting expired coupons at any store.

You can read through this link to get more information that will help you make the most of Kroger’s coupon system.

What Stores Price Match In 2024?

Coupon Policy At Kroger

If you still want a price match, then you’re in luck as other grocery stores provide a price match policy to their customers.

However, keep in mind that the policies that guide price matches vary from one company to another so be sure to familiarize yourself with them before claiming a price match advantage.

Here is the list of stores that offer price match policies:

  1. Staples: Check here to learn how Staples price match policy works
  2. Walmart: Note that Walmart price match depends on the discretion of the store manager
  3. Target: Target is happy to price-match items for its customers
  4. Best Buy: Note that you can only use price match for electronic products at Best Buy

How Does Price Matching Work?

Many people tend to lose out on various opportunities to save money when they go shopping or even ask for a refund because they do not know about price-matching policies.

As the name implies, price matching involves getting the price of an item at a particular store reduced by providing proof of the same item being sold at a lower price at some other store.

For example, suppose you want to buy an item at Kroger which costs $40 at Kroger stores but then you find proof that the item is sold elsewhere for $36.

If you take this proof (could be a printed ad or a flyer) to Kroger, the company will match the price of that other store and sell the item to you at that price.

However, unlike some other stores like Target, Walmart, and Staples, Kroger does not offer any price match or price adjustment services to its customers.

Instead, the company strives to maintain the most competitive prices on the market to compete with other retail stores and keep its customers coming back to its stores.

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Although Kroger does not price-match items with competing stores, it does offer low prices, coupons, and reward credits that will help you save a lot on your purchases.

Along with that, it also offers a variety of other ways to save such as its Fuel Points Program, Kroger Plus Card, free Friday Offers, and much more. Other stores that do price match include Target, Walmart, Staple, and Best Buy.

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