Does Lowe’s Allow Dogs? (Pet Policy Explained)

Lowe’s is a great option for a variety of customers’ home improvement and DIY needs. It is also easy to take kids and family members into Lowe’s for your latest shopping expedition.

But for customers who have pets that cannot wait outside in the parking lot, you might be wondering about Lowe’s in-store pet policy. Does Lowe’s allow dogs? I did some research on the topic, and here is everything that I could find out about it!

Does Lowe’s Allow Dogs?

Lowe’s company pet policy is somewhat elusive, but it seems that while dogs are not expressly allowed into stores, they are tolerated in most store locations according to the management’s discretion. Well-behaved dogs on a leash will generally be allowed into Lowe’s stores. Additionally, all service dogs are allowed into Lowe’s, with the exception of emotional support animals.

If you want to know more about Lowe’s official pet policy, whether Lowe’s allows dogs into its stores and information on service dogs that are allowed into Lowe’s, keep on reading!

Is Lowe’s Dog-Friendly?

While Lowe’s stance on pets seems to have changed since 2012, some dogs are still allowed into Lowe’s stores, provided the owner follows certain standards.

Lowe’s allows dogs into stores if they are leashed, well-behaved, and under control.

Lowe’s stores themselves tend to be dog-friendly in design, with wide spaces throughout the building and aisles that allow you to keep your dog away from other people and prevent them from knocking over products.

In addition, pet owners have noted that because Lowe’s aisles are made of concrete, it makes it very easy to clean up after any accidents that over-excited pets might have!

What Is Lowe’s Official Pet Policy?

Lowe’s official pet policy can be difficult to find, according to customers who want more information on it, even when perusing the company’s corporate website.

However, according to reports of Lowe’s company expectations on pet dogs in the store, service animals are always welcome. Leashed, well-behaved dogs can also accompany their owners into the store.

In fact, Lowe’s recently shared a Twitter thread showcasing dogs in the company’s stores to celebrate National Dog Day, which suggests that well-behaved pets are welcome as long as their owners take care of them.

Does Lowe’s Pet Policy Change by Location?

It seems that Lowe’s pet allowance might differ depending on the store managers in individual locations.

Allowing pet dogs can be up to the discretion of each store, especially if the dog appears to be ill-behaved or not under control.

According to employees, dogs who accompany their owners will be allowed into the store and will not be asked to leave in most cases.

However, if they start causing a ruckus or behave badly, they will have to leave.

Lowe’s policy on service dogs does not change according to location, with all stores following the guidelines included in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Are Service Dogs Allowed Into Lowe’s?

Are Service Dogs Allowed Into Lowe’s?

Service dogs for a variety of disabilities are allowed into Lowe’s stores.

In fact, Lowe’s cannot turn away a customer with a required service animal that falls under the purview of the ADA guidelines regarding service dogs for disabilities or service support.

However, all service dogs allowed into Lowe’s must also be kept on a leash or harness and under control at all times.

If the dog is a service dog in training, it must be calm and kept well-mannered while in the store.

What Counts as a Service Dog at Lowe’s?

According to the ADA, service dogs that are allowed into corporate settings and commercial businesses include:

  • Diabetic Support Dogs.
  • Guide Dogs.
  • Hearing Aid Dogs.
  • Medical Alert Dogs.
  • Medication Assist Dogs.
  • Mobility Assist Dogs.
  • PTSD Support Dogs.
  • Seeing Eye Dogs.
  • Seizure Assist Dogs.

What Does Not Count as a Service Dog at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s stores are not required to allow emotional support dogs into stores, as they are not officially recognized under the ADA as service animals.

However, given Lowe’s leniency in their pet policy, customers who have an emotional support dog might still be able to take their animal with them into the store.

This might not be a protected right under the ADA, but some Lowe’s managers seem to accommodate bringing your dog with you under certain conditions.

Can Lowe’s Ask If Your Dog Is a Service Dog?

When taking a service animal into a commercial business or corporate setting, it is within the store’s rights to enquire if the dog is for disability support.

Any management staff or employees can only ask two questions, which include whether the dog is a service animal for a disability or handicap and what task or service the dog has been trained to carry out.

However, businesses such as Lowe’s cannot ask about the specifics of a customer’s disability beyond ascertaining that the animal is indeed a service provider and how they assist.

In addition, businesses cannot request proof of a disability or a certification of the service dog’s training. This is against the law according to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

To make it easier for Lowe’s employees to identify a service animal, it is recommended that service dogs are outfitted with safety vests that clearly state their working status when you go shopping.

However, using a vest or identification tag for a service animal is not required by law or ADA guidelines in order to enter a business.

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