Does Lowe’s Cut Countertops? (Laminate, Butcher Block, Granite, Marble)

Lowe’s sells a variety of kitchen countertops, including butcher block, laminate, marble, and granite. As a result, Lowe’s countertops are available for all types of kitchen renovations.

However, customers may want to know whether Lowe’s also cuts countertops. Fortunately, I’ve compiled a report of everything you need to know!   

Does Lowe’s Cut Countertops?

As of [currentyear], Lowe’s only offers specially ordered countertops cut to shape in laminate, marble, and granite, which cost between $25-$120 per square foot. A licensed third-party contractor cuts most types of countertops. However, if customers plan to cut their countertops at home, Lowe’s also sells professional circular saws and blades.

If you want to know more about prices, the types of countertops Lowe’s can cut, and more, keep reading!  

How Much Does It Cost To Cut Countertops At Lowe’s?

The cost of cutting a countertop can be calculated using Lowe’s online quote system. With that, there are three stages to finding the price of your countertops.

Firstly, browse and select your countertop on the Lowe’s website. Secondly, enter the measurements of your existing countertops. Finally, Lowe’s will review your quote, schedule a measurement appointment, and ask you to pay a deposit.

On average, customers pay between $25 to $120 per square foot per countertop.

What Is Included With The Cutting And Installation At Lowes?

Lowe’s offers an all-inclusive option regarding countertop installation, which includes the following services:

  • Delivery and installation
  • One unpolished cutout (sink or cooktop)
  • Four faucet hole cutouts
  • An eased edge

Each of these services is part of the basic installation for every countertop at Lowe’s. However, more options are available for an additional charge.

Does Lowe’s Cut Butcher Block Countertops?

While various countertop surfaces are available for cutting, Lowe’s does not cut butcher blocks in-store.

Alternatively, if you’re cutting a countertop yourself, Lowe’s offers an installation guide for butcher block countertops.

If you require a particular length, you can choose sizes that range from four to ten feet. Also, if you have any specific requirements or odd measurements, make sure you contact your local Lowe’s store for help.

For more dedicated services, consider buying your butcher block countertop from IKEA. When purchasing a complete kitchen unit, IKEA can cut butcher block countertops to your desired measurements.

Does Lowe’s Cut Laminate Countertops?

Yes, if you purchase in-store, Lowe’s cuts laminate countertops. Although, you will need to contact the kitchen department for more information on fabrication.

When contacting Lowe’s, customers should ask whether Lowe’s can cut countertops to their required specifications.

For example, you should inform a Lowe’s employee if the countertop includes sink fitting or cutting around wires.

Lowe’s will also cut laminate countertops to size. For example, a 12-foot laminate countertop from Lowe’s can be cut down to your desired length.

Customers should remember that Lowe’s will not cut laminate countertops purchased from a different home improvement retailer.

Does Lowe’s Cut Marble Countertops?

Does Lowe’s Cut Marble Countertops?

Lowe’s will cut marble countertops by following its countertop design and installation service.

The first step is to consult a kitchen specialist at Lowe’s. After the consultation, you will schedule an in-home appointment.

The in-home appointment involves an independent, licensed, and insured installer reviewing the design and making the countertop template.

After the consultation, the total cost to cut marble countertops includes the marble required for the job and labor charges. 

Does Lowe’s Cut Granite Countertops?

Again, granite countertops cut to size involve the work of a third-party contractor, not an actual Lowe’s employee.

Once you complete the online form, your kitchen specialist comes to your home and discusses the measurements and total cost. 

Does Lowe’s Sell The Tools For Cutting Your Own Countertops?

If customers plan to cut the countertops themselves, Lowe’s offers a range of tools to make the job easier.

For example, customers can find Norton 7-in Wet/Dry Continuous Diamond Saw Blade for granite and marble cutting, which costs $43.98. 

The Norton blade features a razor-thin design for all those tricky cuts and is compatible with handheld circular saws.

Most importantly, if you have any questions about blades, circular saws, and what they can cut, contact a staff member at Lowe’s.

Can You Rent Countertop Cutting Tools At Home Depot?

Lowe’s offers a range of saws to rent. Unfortunately, the saws available for rent do not include a circular saw.

Fortunately, one of Lowe’s competitors, Home Depot, has what you need! Try the Electric Circular Saw 7 1/4″ Rental at Home Depot if you want to cut a countertop yourself.

Check whether or not the saw is available in your area first by inputting your zip code into the Home Depot website. The electric saw can be rented for four hours ($16), per day ($23), per week ($92), or for four weeks ($276). 

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