Does Lowe’s Rekey Locks? (Price, How To, Types + Alternatives)

As one of the leading hardware retailers in the world, Lowe’s offers its customers a range of products and services in-store. For those looking to improve the safety of their home or business, Lowe’s offers products such as keys and locks.

Visitors to Lowe’s may be wondering if the retailer is able to rekey locks in their stores. After doing some digging, here is what I have learned about Lowe’s and locks.

Does Lowe’s Rekey Lock?

Lowe’s is able to rekey locks at a wide variety of their stores. However, Lowe’s cannot rekey all brands of locks and can only rekey locks that have been purchased at their stores. Additionally, to help customers rekey locks themselves, Lowe’s sells a variety of kits and keys that can be used.

For more information about rekeying locks at Lowe’s, including how much they charge, what you need to bring to Lowe’s to have your lock rekeyed, and what you’ll need to rekey your lock yourself, then keep reading!

How Much Does Lowe’s Charge to Rekey Locks?

On average, online shoppers have said it is around $5 to have a lock rekeyed at Lowe’s.

Choosing to rekey a lock at Lowe’s, is a cost-effective method of changing the key without replacing the whole lock.

Additionally, if you have purchased the locks from Lowe’s, they are happy to rekey them for free with proof of purchase.

How Does Lowe’s Rekey Lock?

To improve security in your home or business, Lowe’s can alter the configuration inside a lock, so it requires a new key. Any key that worked for the lock before a rekeying at Lowe’s will no longer be functional.

Lowe’s will use the 5-digit code available on your lock in order to rekey it, as it provides information on which pins will work in the lock.

What Do I Need to Bring to Lowe’s to Rekey Locks?

What Do I Need to Bring to Lowe’s to Rekey Locks?

In order for Lowe’s to rekey your lock, you must bring the lock into Lowe’s. This may require removal from the door or other object it is currently being used with to bring into Lowe’s.

The lock can be rekeyed at the Lowe’s hardware department, and asking a Lowe’s employee for help will begin the process.

Some online shoppers have suggested that not all Lowe’s will be able to rekey a lock that has not been purchased within the store, likely due to limitations with their lock technology.

Additionally, it is best to contact your local Lowe’s before you visit to ensure they have the rekeying facilities available to accommodate you within the store.

A Lowe’s associate will be able to direct you to a Lowe’s close to you that can help rekey your lock.

What Brands of Locks Can Lowe’s Rekey?

Lowe’s may not be able to rekey all brands of locks within their stores, which may result in your needing to purchase a new one.

However, Lowe’s has a range of keys and locks available for sale in their stores and online and tools to help you install it.

Popular brands of locks that Lowe’s can rekey are Schlage and Kwikset, which are some of the best-selling lock brands.

If in doubt, contact your local Lowe’s before you visit and ask if they can provide services to rekey your brand of lock.  

Can I Rekey My Own Lock?

If you do not wish to bring your lock into Lowe’s, the retailer sells rekeying kits so you can change your lock yourself.

The best-selling rekeying kits from Lowe’s include the Kwikset Re-Key Kit (priced at $11.98), which is rated a full 5-stars. Additionally, the Prime-Line Kwikset Key Cabinet (priced at $13.18) is also rated 5 stars.

Rekeying locks yourself can be a great cost-effective option as you can use one kit bought from Lowe’s to rekey multiple locks. It is also a good option if you cannot bring your lock into Lowe’s.

Does Lowe’s Cut Keys?

In their stores, Lowe’s also offer the option to have keys cut using their Minute Key kiosk and by shopping for keys online on the Lowe’s website.

Lowe’s is able to cut standard, brass, custom, and UltraLite keys. The prices for having keys cut at Lowe’s may vary.

Contacting your local Lowe’s store will indicate if they offer the Minute Key service, as well as how much it would be for your keys.

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Lowe’s is able to rekey locks in certain stores. Customers can bring in their locks (if an eligible brand is to be rekeyed at Lowe’s) and have their locks rekeyed for around $5.

Lowe’s also offers rekeying kits so customers can rekey their own locks at home. If customers need additional keys cut, some Lowe’s stores offer Minute Key kiosks to have keys cut.

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