Does McDonald’s Accept PayPal? (All You Need To Know)

McDonald’s has become quick to adapt to new technology, including allowing customers to use their smartphones to pay for their meals via Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Here’s a question people have been asking lately: does McDonald’s accept PayPal? We have that answer and more below!

Does McDonald’s Accept PayPal?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s does not directly accept PayPal as a method of payment. However, McDonald’s does accept PayPal Prepaid and other PayPal debit or credit cards. Alternatively, customers can indirectly use PayPal if they have added it to their Google Pay or Apple Pay digital wallet. Other restaurants that accept Paypal include Burger King, Chick-fil-A, KFC, and Subway.

We know you’ve got a lot more questions about McDonald’s and your ability to pay for your meals, so read on to learn more important details!

How to Use PayPal At McDonald’s Through Indirect Means

You can use PayPal at McDonald’s only indirectly, as the fast-food chain doesn’t support PayPal directly as of yet.

You’ll have to first link your PayPal account with your Google Pay digital wallet, so it’s best to do this well before you plan on going to McDonald’s.

Once it’s been linked, you can just go into a McDonald’s location or use their app and choose Google Pay as your method of payment for the transaction to complete.

Can You Use PayPal Through Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

Unfortunately, you cannot use PayPal by going through Apple Pay since Apple Pay has yet to accept PayPal as an option to fund your digital wallet.

Does McDonald’s Accept PayPal Prepaid Cards or Other PayPal Cards?

McDonald’s does accept both the PayPal Prepaid card and other forms of physical PayPal credit cards and debit cards.

Furthermore, PayPal debit cards and credit cards work the same way as traditional bank debit cards and credit cards.

Additionally, PayPal Prepaid requires a transfer of money from your PayPal account to the associated Mastercard, so you’re not purchasing items with your PayPal account directly.

Does McDonald’s Accept PayPal QR Code?

Does McDonald’s Accept PayPal QR Code?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s does not accept PayPal QR codes in-store since the fast-food chain does not directly accept PayPal as a method of payment.

Furthermore, the PayPal QR code cannot be used online, at the drive-thru, or within the McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app.

What Methods of Payment Can You Use with McDonald’s Mobile App?

If you use the McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app, you can pay for your meal using any U.S.-issued Visa, Discover, American Express, or Mastercard.

Unfortunately, the McDonald’s Arch Card is not accepted as a method of payment within the Mobile Order & Pay app.

You also have the option in the app to pay for your food using either Apple Pay or Google Pay, which you can do at any participating McDonald’s location.

Since Apple Pay does not support PayPal yet, if you want to use PayPal at McDonald’s, you need to use Google Pay.

Other Fast Food Restaurants That Accept PayPal

Fortunately, there are several other fast-food restaurants that accept PayPal, including:

  • Applebee’s
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Burger King
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Dunkin’
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Hardee’s
  • Jimmy John’s
  • KFC
  • Little Caesars
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Subway

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