Does McDonald’s Have Frozen Cake? (Birthday Cakes + Other FAQs)

McDonald’s is best known for its Big Macs and other burgers. However, many customers are surprised by the other items tied to McDonald’s, especially those that aren’t listed on the menu.

There have been some videos of customers purchasing cakes at McDonald’s. However, there are a lot of suspicions since cakes are not listed on the McDonald’s menu. Keep reading to find out if you can purchase a cake at McDonald’s!

Does McDonald’s Have Frozen Cake In 2024?

McDonald’s sells pre-packaged cakes made off-site; however, these cakes are not frozen as of 2024. These cakes are intended for customer birthday parties and employee celebrations. Also, you can simply purchase the cake from some stores. Not all locations carry them, though. Therefore, you’ll have to ask your local store if it has cakes.

Keep reading for information on the types of cakes available and how to purchase one at McDonald’s!

Does McDonald’s Sell Cake?

McDonald’s provides inexpensive sheet cakes at many locations. Often, this service isn’t advertised. However, many customers have found these cakes at their local McDonald’s stores.

Also, the cakes only come in two flavors: chocolate cake with vanilla icing and vanilla cake.

Furthermore, the cake is pre-made and comes in a package, so it is not made fresh at the restaurants and isn’t a made-to-order item.

With that, many locations do not sell these cakes, as it all depends on the owner because McDonald’s is a franchise.

While many menu items are required by corporate policy, cakes are completely optional.

Of course, the cakes do not appear on any restaurant’s menu. Instead, you’ll have to ask your local store if it sells these cakes.

Can You Still Get A Birthday Cake From McDonald’s?

COVID did make things a bit complicated, as McDonald’s discontinued many menu items because of labor shortages. However, McDonald’s did not officially discontinue selling cakes.

Because these cakes are primarily for employee use, many stores likely continued to stock them.

However, it is possible that several stores stopped stocking these cakes as employment problems arose.

Because not all stores stock these cakes to begin with, you will need to call and ask if your local store sells them.

Furthermore, the pricing of cakes may have changed. In the past, these cakes were only $10 or less. But, it may have changed at some local stores due to increased shipping costs.

Does McDonald’s Sell Cakes In The US?

Does McDonald’s Sell Cakes In The US?

Yes, McDonald’s sells cake in the US. As previously mentioned, owners have the option to purchase cakes from their local supplier for employee celebrations.

However, the stores can sell these cakes to customers that ask to purchase one. Because these cakes are not on the menu, you must ask for them.

Further, cake isn’t required to be sold at all McDonald’s locations. So, it is possible that local stores won’t carry them.

Does McDonald’s Do Anything For Birthdays?

McDonald’s does provide a free happy meal to children on their birthday if you sign up for the company’s email. Beyond that, the company does not offer anything for birthdays for free.

However, you can purchase a McDonald’s party, which provides a kit for having a party at McDonald’s, including Happy Meals, goodie bags, placemats, party hats, and a birthday cake.

Naturally, prices depend on the package you choose. Fortunately, there are several packages available, allowing you to select the option that works best for you.

You’ll have to call the company’s party hotline to schedule a party, as you cannot simply schedule it at the store.

Also, you’ll have to consider the size of the McDonald’s location. With that, certain locations cannot hold large parties because they don’t have enough seating.

Plus, the store may hire more staff for that period, especially if you choose a “We’re the Host” party.

In some cases, a host or hostess will even play games with the children so parents can sit back and relax. Of course, parties with a hostess cost quite a bit more than those without.

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McDonald’s sells two different flavors of cake, even though they aren’t on the menu. However, not all locations sell these cakes.

Therefore, you’ll have to call ahead and ask if your local store carries them. Typically, the cakes from McDonald’s cost $10 or lower.

Originally, these cakes were created for customers’ birthday parties and employee celebrations. However, you can purchase a cake by itself without having a birthday party planned.

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