Does McDonald’s Sell Cake? (Secret Menu, Price + More)

McDonald’s is known for the McFlurry and other sweet treats such as apple pie and the hot fudge sundae.

Have you been wondering if McDonald’s sells cake too? We’ve got that answer, plus much more, so keep reading!

Does McDonald’s Sell Cake?

McDonald’s does sell cakes for $9 at some store locations. Since McDonald’s cakes are not found on the normal menu, it is up to the individual store and manager whether or not they decide to sell them. McDonald’s cakes typically come in a chocolate flavor and have white frosting.

While McDonald’s offers a birthday cake on a secret menu, there are plenty of other items McDonald’s sells that you might not know about either, so read on to learn more!

Can You Buy a Birthday Cake at McDonald’s?

You can purchase a birthday cake at McDonald’s from the secret menu, which will cost you $9.

Additionally, this cake is a birthday cake meant for birthday parties at McDonald’s. It’s kept in the freezer and has a picture of Ronald McDonald on it.

Sadly, the picture of Ronald isn’t very good looking, but if you want a cheap cake it’s a perfect option!

Lastly, not every store will have the birthday cake in stock, so it’s hit-or-miss on whether your local McDonald’s carries the birthday cake at all.

What Do The Birthday Cakes at McDonald’s Look Like?

The birthday cakes at McDonald’s have white frosting with a picture of Ronald McDonald on them, which makes perfect sense!

However, if you plan on purchasing a cake at McDonald’s, you will have to purchase the entire rectangular sheet cake as single slices are not an option.

What Flavors Does the McDonald’s Cake Come In?

McDonald’s carries a very limited selection when it comes to cake, and they only come in chocolate or vanilla cake with white icing.

How Do I Order a McDonald’s Cake?

Unfortunately, regular employees may not know what you’re talking about.

Instead, you can ask to talk to the manager to see if your local store carries the cake since it’s up to management whether the cakes are part of normal store inventory.

Sadly, it might take you going to a few different McDonald’s locations to find the rectangular Ronald McDonald birthday cake but don’t give up!

What Other Desserts Does McDonald’s Sell?

What Other Desserts Does McDonald’s Sell?

McDonald’s offers more than just a secret cake on their menu if you have a sweet tooth, including:

  • Hot Baked Apple Pie
  • Hot Baked Seasonal Pie (cherry, pumpkin)
  • Oreo McFlurry
  • M&M McFlurry
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Vanilla Cone
  • Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Hot Caramel Sundae
  • Chocolate Shake
  • Strawberry Shake
  • Vanilla Shake

Does McDonald’s Sell Other Secret Menu Items?

McDonald’s offers a ton of secret menu items, although most items will vary by location, and not every store will offer the same secret menu items.

Additionally, below, you can find just a few of these secret menu items you might want to ask for at your local McDonald’s restaurant.

Spam & Egg McMuffin

If you live in Hawaii, you can order a Spam and Egg McMuffin off the secret menu. Sadly, this is only for those living in Hawaii.

Poor Man’s Big Mac

While we love the Big Mac, it can be an expensive item to order, which is where the Poor Man’s Big Mac Comes into the picture.

Additionally, at less than half the price of the regular Big Mac, the Poor Man’s Big Mac is great for feeding a family of four.

Furthermore, this secret menu item is a McDouble that has Big Mac sauce and more lettuce. You just need to tell the workers to hold the mustard and ketchup!

Apple Pie McFlurry

An Apple Pie McFlurry only requires that the worker take the pie and crumble it into a McFlurry, but it’s an amazing sweet treat!

Unfortunately, it does take some time for the worker to make, so you could also order the two items separately and combine them yourself.

Chicken McGriddle

In the Southeastern United States, the Chicken McGriddle is actually on the menu.

However, if you live anywhere else, you’re going to have to ask for this delicious secret menu item!

Grilled Cheese

You can order a grilled cheese at McDonald’s for about $1 and tell them you want the bun toasted well for even more flavor!

On top of that, grilled cheese is a perfect lunch option if you’re trying to eat light or have kids to feed on a budget.


You must assemble this McCrepe yourself but order hotcakes and the fruit and yogurt parfait to start.

Next, divide the parfait into three sections and pour ⅓ of the parfait into each hotcake.

Lastly, fold over the hotcake like a crepe, then add the granola on top for a great crunch to the McCrepe.

To know more, you can also see our related posts on whether or not McDonald’s apple pies are vegan, if McDonald’s fries are gluten-free, and McDonald’s sells ice.


McDonald’s sells cake but it’s something you won’t see on their regular menu. A lot of restaurants such as McDonald’s have secret menus that you can order from.

Unfortunately, a lot of the secret menu items at McDonald’s are combinations of existing items that you must put together and it can get messy!

However, the main issue with items not on the regular menu is that they may not be available at every McDonald’s store, so you’ll have to call yours and ask if you want cake or other special hidden items!

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