Does Meijer Cash Checks? (Types + Other Common FAQs)

Even with the intense technological development of mobile transactions, some people still conduct traditional check-based transactions.

As a result, many stores provide cash checking services to unbanked customers or those needing financial aid. If you would like to know whether Meijer is among them, keep reading and find out!

Does Meijer Cash Checks In 2024?

Meijer provides cash checking services to unbanked customers who require financial assistance in 2024. However, for every transaction, verification is mandatory to avoid fraud. Additionally, you need to provide your government-issued ID and bank details. Meijer will charge you from $3 to $5, with a limit of $2000 for government checks and $1000 for personal checks.

Read on if you want to learn about the kind of checks you can cash and checks you cannot cash at Meijer, cashing limit, cashing policy, and much more!

What Check Cashing System Does Meijer Use?

Meijer uses a check cashing system from First Data Corp, the electronic check conversion system.

After converting the check to electronic funds, the system deposits your funds into your bank account.

What Type of Checks Does Meijer Cash?

Meijer is very particular with the type of checks it accepts to cash. This includes:

  • Business/organizational checks
  • Personal checks
  • Traveller’s checks

What Type of Checks Does Meijer Not Cash?

Meijer does not cash the following types of checks:

  • Money Orders
  • Starter Checks
  • Post-dated Checks
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Third-party Checks
  • Hand-written Payroll Checks

What Is Meijer’s Cash Checking Policy?

Cashing a check at Meijer requires you first to join the Certegy verification system.

The process takes seven days to finish, after which you can cash checks.

A valid photo-sized passport or a valid driving license is required for successful verification.

 Nonetheless, the store can accept either a government-issued ID or military ID. After verification, you can cash your payroll or government checks.

How Do You Cash a Check at Meijer?

You can cash at Meijer by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit your nearest Meijer store
  2. Proceed to the customer care desk and inform the purpose of your visit
  3. Proceed to registration
  4. Present your electronically signed check
  5. A successful verification warrants a return visit after seven days

 Carry a valid photo and national identification to avoid delays during the cashing process.

What Is Meijer’s Check/Debit Acceptance Policy?

What Is Meijer’s Check/Debit Acceptance Policy?

Meijer’s check or debit acceptance policy varies with the type of check.

  • Travelers Checks

You should not exceed $100, and you must use it for purchase. You must also ensure that the cashier countersigns your check at the checkout point.

  • Business/Organization Checks

You must use it for purchase, a minimum of $25 in-store and $5 at Meijer’s gas station. If you are making a tax-exempt transaction, you require your organization’s 501(c) number.

  • Debit Cards

You must use it for purchase, with a limit of $50 per day at the store purchase, and $5 per day at the gas station, over your purchase amount.

  • Personal Checks

It would be best to use it for purchases up to $25 for in-store purchases or $5 for gas station purchases.

What Is Meijer’s Check Cashing Limit?

Meijer limits the amount you can cash your check to $1000 if you have a personal check and government checks at $2000.

However, if your check is beyond the limit, you can split it into two to get the cash.

When Can You Cash a Check at Meijer?

You can cash your check at Meijer for as long as the store remains open.

Most Meijer stores operate for 24 hours daily, but you need to confirm the schedule in case of a holiday.

The operating hours for Meijer stores are highly dependent on the location.

Safe locations open 24/7, while stores in risky areas only open for specified hours during the day.

Therefore, it would be best to confirm the operating hours of your Meijer local store to attain effective services.

How Much Does Meijer Charge to Cash a Check?

Meijer charges you a fee of $3 to cash your check if you are unbanked and $5 for the rest of its customers. In addition, you have a $100 limit to cash in a day.

As illustrated in the table below, Meijer charges each type of check differently.

Check Fee
Cashier’s Check $5
Foreign Check $5
Mailed Check $5
Money Order $3
Non-Member Check $5
Returned Check $35

Does Meijer Accept Checks as Payment?

It is possible to use a check to pay your purchase at Meijer stores.

Once you visit the store, pass by the customer services desk, and explain that your mode of payment is a check, you will be directed on the way forward.

Do Meijer Cash Personal Checks?

Meijer does cash personal checks on the condition that you are using them for purchase at the store.

Moreover, to cash a personal check at Meijer, you must also adhere to its check acceptance policy.

However, you have the option of cashing it at the bank that issued the check. The bank will charge a fee for this option if you are not an account holder.

How Long Does Meijer Take to Cash Checks?

Meijer takes 3-5 working days to cash your check.

However, you may be requested to return for the cash collection after seven days. An extended period is necessary if proper verification is required.

More importantly, it’s best to have your account with enough deposit to avoid bouncing check cases. Such cases attract legal actions from Meijer and penalties from the bank.

Which Stores Cash Checks?

Besides Meijer, you can also get cash checking services in the following stores:

  • Walmart
  • Safeway
  • Publix
  • Kroger
  • Winco
  • Fred Meyer

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Meijer owns Kroger, if Meijer accepts WIC, and if Meijer takes American Express.


Meijer is your reliable partner when you need to cash your check. However, the store accepts specific types of checks and declines the rest.

Meijer charges you from $3 to $5 to cash your check, depending on the check type. You can also use your check at Meijer for payment.

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