Does Meijer Drug Test? (All You Need To Know)

Conducting a drug test is one of the many ways an employer ensures the workplace’s safety. It’s a preventive measure to curb prospective workers who might be indulging in illicit substances.

Most retail stores and supermarkets conduct pre-employment drug tests. Therefore, a job seeker looking to be an employee at Meijer may wonder if a drug test is necessary. Well, here is all you need to know!

Does Meijer Drug Test In 2024?

Meijer may conduct a drug test on prospective employees before hiring them and randomly to the existing employees as of 2024. It is very particular with safety-sensitive jobs such as drivers, whose drug test is more often. Meijer upholds the right to a drug-free and safe environment both for the employees and the customers.

If you are curious about the kind of drug test Meijer uses and what happens if you fail a drug test, keep reading for more insight!

Does Meijer Conduct A Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Meijer does not ascertain drug tests as part of its recruitment process, but it’s best to be drug-free before dropping your application.

With that, it is possible to start working at Meijer without undertaking a pre-employment drug test, although, for positions such as managerial and drivers, a drug test is standard.

If it happens, Meijer needs to conduct a drug test on you before employment. Further, Meijer does so after providing you with a conditional job offer.

Then, you have a choice to either proceed with the test or decline, based on how much you need the job. Notably, the drug test is conducted in a lab chosen by Meijer.

Does Meijer Drug Test Its Employees?

Meijer conducts a random drug test on employees once or twice a year to ensure safety.

Essentially, a drug test is necessary if you behave as though using illicit substances or if you are involved in an accident at work.

With that, Meijer’s mandate is to keep its employees safe and might incur compensation costs if one gets hurt in their line of duty.

Consequently, a drug test is a must if you get an injury to ensure that you are drug-free for fair compensation.

What Kinds Of Drugs Does Meijer Test For?

The kind of drugs that Meijer tests for are the commonly abused ones. Further, Meijer utilizes the standard five-panel drug test, which detects drugs such as:

What Kind Of Drug Tests Does Meijer Use?

What Kind Of Drug Tests Does Meijer Use?

The urine drug test is the standard kind used at Meijer because it is a cheap but reliable way to detect an employee on drugs. Also, it is accurate to clear any doubts.

To complete the test, employees only require a sample of their urine. Then, the sample is taken to the lab for testing, and Meijer quickly receives the results for the tests.

What If You Fail A Drug Test At Meijer?

Following a failed drug test, Meijer contacts you for further questioning. That said, the aim is to determine if you are under any prescription that could impact the test results.

If you have a prescription, you need to show proof for it, and it must be valid. If there is no proof of any medication, Meijer can either suspend or fire you.

Moreover, if the drug test was conducted before hiring, you are likely to miss out on a chance to work at Meijer.

Can You Re-Apply At Meijer If You Fail A Drug Test?

If you fail your first drug test, you can re-apply at Meijer. Although the store is very strict on drug abuse cases, it gives you a second chance to redeem yourself if you are willing.

Moreover, you have to wait for six months, after which you can start the hiring process again.

How Long Will I Wait For My Drug Test Results At Meijer?

After a successful drug test, you can expect to have your results somewhere between one day and one week, depending on the screening used.

As mentioned earlier, Meijer uses the five-panel urine test. With this kind of drug test, expect negative results in one or two days, while positive results take four or six days.

Also, the time difference is because positive results need repeated tests to be sure.

What Do I Need To Do Before A Drug Test?

Before taking a drug test, there are a few things you need to put into consideration:

  • Inform the health practitioner conducting the test of any prescriptions you may have beforehand.
  • Wait for instructions on obtaining a clean urine sample, and avoid drinking a lot of water before the test.
  • If a drug test comes out positive for a prescribed drug, be keen to explain to your employer.

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Meijer conducts a drug test on prospective employees when the company deems it necessary, but it is not mandatory.

However, once you become an employee, be prepared for random drug tests, though not common. Suppose you get an injury while at work; a drug test is compulsory.

In essence, Meijer aims at providing a safe and productive working environment for you, and conducting a drug test is one way.

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