Does Meijer Fill Helium Balloons? (All You Need to Know)

Meijer is a renowned grocery store but has more to offer. The store is well stocked with other products, including party accessories such as balloons.

Typically, a store that sells balloons is likely to fill them with helium too. Therefore, keep on reading to find out if Meijer fills helium balloons!

Does Meijer Fill Helium Balloons In 2024?

Meijer fills helium balloons in 2024. It takes an approximate time of 2-3 minutes to fill a single balloon. Therefore, Meijer recommends its customers call beforehand if they require many balloons. The cost of filling them depends on the type. For instance, Mylar costs $3-$8 and latex $1. In addition, you can buy prefilled helium balloons at the store.

Read on for more information about how long it takes for Meijer to fill helium balloons, how much Meijer will charge you to fill your helium balloons, and much more!

How Long Does It Take to Fill Helium Balloons at Meijer?

Filling a single balloon at Meijer takes 2 – 3 minutes. Therefore, if you are looking to order many balloons from Meijer, it is advisable to call in for a refill ahead of time to avoid delays.

The same also applies if you need Meijer to refill your balloons with helium.

In this case, you should bring the balloons to the store for a refill before the day you need them to avoid inconveniences.

Typically, if you prefer taking balloons for a refill and waiting, then it might take you longer than you would expect, especially with a large number of balloons.

How Much Does It Cost to Fill a Helium Balloon at Meijer?

At Meijer, the cost of filling a balloon with helium depends on its type.

For instance, latex balloons are cheaper at the expense of $1, while Mylar balloons cost $3-$8 to fill. Additionally, the price varies depending on the balloons’ size and shape.

However, if you shop for the balloons at the store and come across one you like but is deflated, Meijer will fill it at no additional cost.

The cost of filling balloons applies to balloons you previously bought and require a refill for or empty balloons stocked at the store.

It is also essential to confirm if your local Meijer will refill balloons purchased from a different store before you visit.

Must You Call Meijer ahead of Time to Fill Your Balloons with Helium?

It is not mandatory to make a call beforehand to fill your balloons at Meijer, but it is advisable.

Ideally, filling the balloons is time-consuming. Therefore, ordering at least a day before will give Meijer ample time to get them ready.

Moreover, some Meijer stores decline to fill more than ten balloons if they are not preordered.  

Also, it is crucial to preorder because your local Meijer store might be out of helium which could take some time to restock.

On this note, informing the store beforehand will give you time to seek alternatives if need be.

Which Other Stores Fill Helium Balloons?

Which Other Stores Fill Helium Balloons?

Meijer is not the only store that can fill your helium balloons. Consequently, if your favorite Meijer local store is out of helium, you can visit  these stores for similar services:

  • Publix
  • Kroger
  • Walmart
  • Party City
  • Dollar Tree

Does Meijer Sell Prefilled Helium Balloons?

Meijer is fully stocked with pre-filled helium balloons suitable for your fun party. The balloons come in different colors and inflate up to 12 inches.

You can purchase Prefilled helium balloons at or in-store.

Some prefilled helium balloons in stock include the following:

  • Meijer Helium Balloons Neon, multicolor, 10ct.
  • Meijer Helium Happy Birthday Balloons, Assorted Color, 20ct.
  • Meijer Helium Balloons, Assorted Colors, 72ct.
  • Meijer Helium Balloons, Multicolor, 20ct.
  • Meijer Helium Balloons, Teal, 20ct.

Does Meijer Deliver Helium Balloons?

Meijer allows you to order helium balloons online and delivers them to your doorstep.  Moreover, the store has partnered with Instacart.

 Consequently, you can purchase helium balloons from Meijer and have them delivered to your preferred destination through Instacart.

 The time taken to deliver your helium balloons depends on your location and the bulkiness of your order. Nonetheless, same-day delivery is possible.

What Types of Balloons Does Meijer Sell?

Meijer sells different types of balloons, such as the following:

  • Latex Balloons are a perfect fit for any party.
  • Foil Balloons also referred to as Mylar balloons, are mainly number balloons popular with birthday parties.

What Types of Party Accessories Does Meijer Sell?

Meijer sells various types of party accessories, which fit to make your celebration memorable. They include:

  • Party Favors
  • Party Decorations
  • Party Hats
  • Party plates
  • Invitations

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Meijer is among the top stores you can fill your helium balloons, whether you choose latex or Mylar balloons. The different types of balloons cost differently to fill.

The store encourages you to call beforehand to avoid waiting around if you need to fill more than ten balloons. You can also buy prefilled balloons at Meijer stores or order online.

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